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Believe it or not, last Sunday night something out of this world happened in a tiny club in Barcelona, Spain. Something magical, electrifying, beyond exciting... something that many people had been craving for, for years, many of them, including myself, having already accepted that was never gonna happen… But it did, and that night our dreams came true for about forty minutes.

The dream was a live acoustic show by Psychotica, yes the three original members of the band were playing in that tiny little stage that night. Pat Briggs on voice, Enrique Tiru Vélez on cello, and Paul Ena Kostabi on guitar.

Before them, Mae Kurz, a new Spanish musician and chanteuse was opening for the band, unfortunately and due to some oh so very entertaining time spent with the traffic police of the always amazing and gorgeous city of Barcelona, we made it late to see her performance.

In fact we got in just in time to see Psychotica’s set start, which began with Enrique’s cello and Ena’s guitar intro, and then Pat Briggs emerged onstage with an arabian mixed with old twenties Hollywood starlet style look, which reminded me of a crazy fusion between Theda Bara and the movie Lawrence Of Arabia for some reason, and the show kicked off with “ Telephone Line“.

There must have been close to 100 people watching, truly die hard Psychotica fans most of them, you could see how Pat’s onstage magnetism would not allow them to get their eyes off him for a minute. There was media covering the event, and some TV cameras and crew which recorded the whole concert, which we all hope to see somewhere on some catalan/spanish TV... or youtube anytime soon.

After a while of some picture snapping, I decided to fully enjoy the show, so found myself a little spot at the foot of the stage’s stairs and simply sat there just watching in fascination, listening and watching to the whole show, feeling all mesmerized and simply glad to be there. What can I say, Psychotica’s music moves my heart and makes me happy. And yeah, how happy I was as “Ocean Of Hunger”, “Barcelona”, “Telephone Line”, and very especially “Little Prince” sounded one after the other, with Pat’s incredible vocal crescendos sounding as beautiful and powerful as ever.

He changed his attire on two occasions, to finally reveal his wild long brown hair and a cool pair of black patent knee high stiletto boots.  As the brief set progressed, he ordered drinks, they laughed a bit during the performance’s brief breaks, introduced Ena and Enrique, thanked everyone for still remembering and caring for the band, and left us all with our jaws dropping as he came back and forth from the little stage to the improvised backstage room to give us yet another breathtaking version of “LittlePrince”, as well as a strong, passionate and bewitching performance of “I Will Survive”. Now that was an emotional experience!

Once the show had finished, the band came out to chat with the fans, they were all super nice guys and happy to be there. There is an open possibility of a full line up tour coming up early next year, which will hopefully include for example Reeka on voice as well. We are all longing for it to become another reality, and wish Psychotica’s come back is a long time stay, with a well-deserved recognition and success following through this time. Also, look out for their new EP, it’s about to be released soon. So let’s party!

Review & photos by Rachel

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