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Last Saturday the 25th of October The Quireboys played KGB in Barcelona. Awesome gig it was for the fans!  The place was packed full to the brim, everyone was nice and sweaty, it was so damn hot!!  

This small concert bar has been running for years and years, and here have played some of the best bands, but unfortunately it usually cranks out a nicely crafted crappy sound. Tonight though, hey, it sounded pretty good! (or was I deaf too that night...) 


The band was completely handed over to the audience, and very obviously having a lot of fun playing there that night. They’d been drinking before (and continued their drinking after), in the bar next to the venue, talking to the fans (minus Spike, who chose to show up at the end of the gig only, to greet a few fans then quietly left walking down the street with his girl).

During the show Spike looked and sang as if time had never been an issue for him.  It was a classic Rock And Roll show, Quireboys style. All the oldtime fans of the band left entertained and satisfied, since the bands’ spirit and setlist did not leave much to ask for. They played quite a lot of songs from their first album (“Whipping Boy”, “Sex Party”, “I Don't Love You Anymore”, “Roses & Rings”, “7 o’ clock” …), then a few more from their second, and a couple out of their last album "Homewreckers and Heartbreakers", such as “I Love This Dirty Town”, “Late Nite Saturday Call”, and the catchy and beautiful “Mona Lisa Smile”.

 Thanks for the night, Quireboys, see you soon again – Rachel 5.11.08 all photos by NoClassPhoto.