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Liverpool Carling Academy 2


The Quireboys had been ‘hanging out’ at the side of the stage watching Mary McBride and Paul Guerin later guested on two of her songs. Finally it was time for the band to appear. They attacked the stage with a true rock n roll spirit, as Spike later said when talking about rock n roll “There’s not many of us left” so true.


Spike performed his usual leg moves, throwing & twirling his mike stand around, strutting in a range of poses and chatting with the audience using his effortless charisma, smitten females swooned including me some screamed “ I love you Spike”…well I wouldn’t go that far, keep it real !!




What an incredible night’s entertainment, terrific intimate venue, tightly packed and enthusiastic crowd. Paul Guerin a well established guitarist certainly didn’t disappoint with his guitar solos and thrusting posturing, neither did Griffin and the other guys. Certainly a fine rock and roll band, who are a pleasure to watch.


Spike played the rock singer to a fine art with his beautiful rasping vocals, yet a down to earth guy who can still forget his setlist, which was pretty amusing. Songs included some old classics, “Hey You”, “There She Goes”, Seven O’ Clock” and not forgetting cos Spike wouldn’t let us, in fact he reminded a few times us jovially of the new album “Have I mentioned we have a new album called Homewreckers & Heartbreakers,” they played some of my favourites off the new album like “Mona Lisa Smiled” a fucking beautiful song, it's about what you do on a Saturday night young man Spike bellowed before introducing us to” Late Night Saturday Call”. They dedicated “One For The Road” for the original drummer Michael Lee who recently died. It was lovely to meet Spikes obvious proud nephew at the side of the stage.

The final songs were “I Don’t Love You Anymore”, who wants to come to a “Sex Party”. Liverpool had a special night, the crowd were enthralled and the band gave a performance to be proud of, definitely want to see them again.Hurry back to our Northern shores.This is Rock n Roll!!


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Paul Guerin


Review & Photos by Mel 10.12.08


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'7 O'Clock' live by Mel


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