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For anyone who read my interview with Steve 'Stella' New back in October, it would of come as no surprise to hear that The Rich Kids were planning a reunion, as he exclusively revealed tentative plans whilst chatting to me.

The day had finally arrive when former Rich Kids members Glen Matlock, Rusty Egan and Midge Ure came together for the celebratory benefit concert in London, for Steve 'Stella New' who has been battling with terminal cancer. This was a very special evening with all the original Rich Kids playing for 'one night only'. Unfortunately the usual Mudkiss reviewers couldn't make it down to London for the show but Mark kindly offered to submit his review, in addition some great photos from photographer Steve Currid and videos from H and Mark. Thanks to BeastellaBeasts manager Rhys Mywn for making it possible.

Read Marks review below:

I’d Travelled from South Wales for this special event and had my fingers crossed that it was going ahead, rumours were rife that it may be called off due to the weather, but I was going anyway as I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Got in the venue around 7pm and was gobsmacked by how small it was, were the legendary Rich Kids really playing this tiny place. Although tiny the venue turned out to be the perfect setting for this celebration.

The show started straight away with TV Smith, who performed a short set which included' Gary Gilmores Eyes’ and ‘One Chord Wonders’.  If this was a taste of what was to come then I knew we were in for a treat The Illuminations took to the stage next. This outfit featured Glen Matlock on bass, Clive Langer (Deaf School) and the Lightning Seeds’ Ian Broudie on guitar. Their set was also short just three numbers finishing with Wreckless Eric’s ‘I’d Go The Whole Wide World’.

The wonderful Viv Albertine came up next with a short solo set. She performed three numbers also, finishing with ‘Confessions Of A MILF’. To be honest I was just happy watching her flirting with the crowd and talking dirty. She looked so fabulous she must have a painting in the attic !

Carbon Silicon played as though their life depended on it. Mick Jones and Tony James were in fine form. Their drummer was a no show due to the weather, so Rusty Egan helped out.

They began with ‘War On Culture’, next came ‘The News’. Their set finished off with ‘Why Do Men Fight’ with Leo Williams on Vocals.

The legendary Patti Pallladin appeared next, an old friend of Stella (Known for being one half of Snatch and recording 'Copycats' with Johnny Thunders) part of her backing band were Steve 'Stella' New, and Glen Matlock playing their usual instruments, with Steve's brother on drums. .

Steve 'Stella' New’s current band BeastellaBeast then took to the stage. Beatrice Brown is a good looking girl, a very confident stage presence, the music was a little self indulgent for my tastes but by the end of the set they had started to grow on me, probably due to Beatrice’s enthusiasm. I was really keen for the main act to come on stage - The Rich Kids, it was getting closer, but first we had Midge Ure performing an acoustic set.

Midge treated us to his short set with Visage’s ‘Fade To Grey’ and then moved on to the Ultravox stuff which included ‘Loves Great Adventure’ , ‘Dancing with Tears in My Eyes’ and finished with ‘Vienna’.

The main event was delayed by equipment failure but the crowd didn’t seem to mind as everyone was in a elevated mood at this stage. By the time The Rich Kids finally arrived on stage all of them had taken part in the proceedings as part of one or more of the support line up, therefore were suitably warmed up. They hadn’t done much rehearing prior to this show and Rusty Egan had a few technical problems but who cared. They were joined on keyboards by Terry Edwards, on backing vocals Maggie Ronson and Tracy Hunter, who are the daughters of Mick Ronson and Ian Hunter. They played the majority of the Album ‘Ghosts Of Princes In Towers’ and they just seemed to enjoy being on stage together after all these years.

Gary Kemp joined them for ‘Ghosts Of Princes In Towers’ and for the encore we had their version of The Small Faces ‘All or Nothing’ they were joined by Gary Kemp, Mick Jones, Clive Langer, Patti Palladin and Tony James (he appeared to be taking souvenir photos). The Venue cleared very quickly as people seemed to want to get home because of the adverse weather conditions but I was on a high and didn't want to be anywhere else. I’d spent 5 hours with my mouth open like a spoilt child. It goes without saying it was a sell out show and a very special night!

Setlist: Strange One, Hung On You, Put You In The Picture, Marching Men, Burning Sounds, Here Comes The Nice, Rich Kids, Ghost Of Princes In Towers, Only Arsenic, Encore: All Or Nothing.




"So glad I managed to get tickets! It was awesome! Best London show I've seen in a while! Hang on in there Steve!! "

"Lucky people who were there. I envy you. Thanks for sharing a snapshot of what must have been a superb evening. Legendary stuff!!"

"What a fkin honour to be there. Brilliant way to spend my birthday, right in front of Glenn Matlock, never thought I'd see that day! Pity about the reason for the show, poor Steve x"

"I was there too, they really were better back in the day than they received credit for. And Thursday's gig was electrifyingly good fun."

"Absolutely Superb! I was there and loved it. What a great band...criminally underrated...classic! "

"FANTASTIC night! I came down from Lougborough - about 110 miles - and it was well worth it!!!!! Thanks to all! "

"Yeaah ! We came from Switzerland for that great gig, some more miles away, facing Gatwick under the snow and not being sure to come back home. Absolutely no regret !!! "

"Brilliant stuff. I hope they carry on and maybe record again and hopefully do a full tour."

Check out my October phone interview with Steve 'Stella' & Beatrice Brown here:

Review by Mark Anderson
Videos by H & Mark Clacy

Photos by Mark Anderson and Steve Currid

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