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Hello Everyone!!!

And here it is...the review you have all been waiting for.....

The Salutation Inn, Nottingham!!!

Despite it being the same weekend as the Nottingham Marathon (OK, not the best timing in the world, but these things happen ) we had some great press coverage, brilliant promotion from the Venue, and WHAT a venue!, and an amazing street team who plastered the area for us with flyers and handouts!  So we were really hopeful that despite the fact that our last couple of gigs have not had great turnouts, this one would stand a chance of doing a lot better! And we are VERY proud to most certainly did!! And as a consequence of that great turnout. Thank you Nottingham...we raised £242 for the NSPCC Nottingham Childline!!

A big part of that was the fact that we were playing in a pub with an amazing reputation, which it richly deserves by the way. A beautiful old building, with a history of haunting and strange occurrences...and Anglo Saxon caves beneath it...the pub has possibly the most welcoming atmosphere and friendliest, and  most helpful, staff  of any pub I have personally been in for a while! And the upstairs gig venue...nothing we can say about that other than brilliant...and of course if you find yourself in Nottingham it’s a must to visit! Its reputation as a music venue is also very much deserved...and Ali, the wonderful lady who runs it, was a true star, a tiny little bundle of pure energy that seems to be everlasting...Energizer Bunny eat your heart out...this little lady leaves you standing I’m afraid!! 

And so..with many thanks to John and Tony for the amazing photos they took on the day ..onto the amazing bands who came out and gave us their support!

Jon Coates

This amazing young singer/songwriter stepped in at literally the last moment when our first band of the day had to cancel on us with about two hours notice! A regular at The Sal, he responded to Ali’s call for help without a seconds hesitation and turned up to give us an amazing set of original material, melodic music with soft and thoughtful lyrics that had even the small crowd that had began to gather that early in the day captivated. Coming from a background in music, Mum and Dad were both regulars on the folk scene in the 70’s, and classically trained himself, he was such a wonderful start to our day and set the tone for everything that followed. I will not even try to compare him to any other artist, simply say find out where he is playing, and  go and listen to his music, and hear a truly nice young man share his thoughts and dreams with you...oh...nearly forgot...he asked me to make sure that you all know he is willing to travel!! Jon can be found at:


The banging amazing energy of trio Jon, Andy and Aiden had everyone’s attention as they delivered a power filled and energy driven performance that bought to mind a kind of hybrid offspring of Alice In Chains and Avenged Sevenfold ...powerfully delivered lyrics, classic rock riffs with a very up to date feeling...Pure raw power...and that after a very long journey to reach us!!! A blazing and brilliant performance from the guys that got the energy of everyone in the room up as high as their own, and got us all in the mood for the rest of the days rocking!!!

Masdevallia can be found at 


Two Minutes Hate

HadNottingham Tea Time ;)!! Coming in again at very short notice, this great band bellowed and roared the quietness of a Sunday afternoon away and woke up everyone within earshot who may have been napping off their Sunday lunch! Hard rock...solid rock...the kind that makes you want to have long hair so you can head bang along with them as they take you on a journey of pure adrenalin fuelled hardcore thrash as they rammed songs like Immortal and the brilliant self named Two Minutes Hate into ears that were more than happy to listen! Comparable to...?? Well, I’ll leave that one up to you...Me? I just went with the energy they threw out and loved every single moment of it!! You can find Two Minutes Hate at

Lucy’s Drowning

Well...I truly don’t even know where to start telling you about Ol, Leonofski and Andy, these guys have been with us for so long it was almost like meeting the legend!! They turned up to play for us without knowing whether they had anywhere to sleep that night, “We’ll sleep in the car if we have to...but we’ll be there “ they said! To try to describe the kind of music they play would be like trying to tell you what oil on water looks like...constantly shifting, colourful, and pleasing...and of course they are the writers of what is now the RACP UK song....Question Of Time...a haunting and touching story of the child lost. During the course of the day we spent a fair amount of time talking to the guys, and they were just as genuine, real and caring as we had always believed them to be...they even came with CD’s that they had produced especially for us (Which if you’re interested...we have for sale!!) ...and to top it off... Ol bought me the pint he has owed me for about six months...Cheers guys!! You can find Lucy’s Drowning at


This band is hard to pin down! They are very original, melodic, a truly unique intermix of the traditional the completely new. Strong lyrics fit smoothly into drums and guitars that seemed to follow a metal line but then kick off on a tangent and take you completely by surprise!! I am simply not expert enough to try to fit these guys into a niche....or maybe there is no niche to fit them into ;)! Rich, dark, tuneful...I could go on, but maybe you should listen for yourself and form your own opinion!! Well worth the time, and your ears will thank you for it!! You can find Aphemia at 


And yet another band that is going to make me dig deep into my dictionary in order to describe them!! Power, energy, strength, drive....punk at its finest, but more than that if you can wrap your head round that as a concept!?! They took the stage and made it theirs, commanding attention...and getting it with no effort...everyone in the venue was swept away as Zero took control, playing both guitar and keyboards as his voice ripped the air, Sid matching the energy and pace with perfection! I am no professional music critic, but if these guys don’t make it big time, then there is something seriously wrong with the music scene!! You can find Tolerance at

Voodoo Johnson

So, where do I start? These guys have been supportingand promoting us, as many great bands do, and getting us out thereatevery opportunity, Kev even came and took part in our very first LIVE RACP UK radio interview on Rock24 (a whole other blog you will be able to read when I get time to write it folks ;)!!) we were all really looking forward to meeting them and hearing them live...and we, along with a pretty full venue, were most certainly not disappointed!! The brilliant haunting vocals of Nowhere Inbetween (gotta admit to that track being a personal favourite) was only one track amid a stonking set of good old fashioned rock, but with a very unique sound that you would have to listen to and draw your own conclusions of! Another great set of guys, brilliant musicians, well deserving of every bit of praise they get, and we get to say we knew them when..! You can find Voodoo Johnson at


This wonderful band, having played at Team Belgium’s gig on Friday, travelled over to the UK at their own expense, landing on Sunday morning at Dover to drive up to Nottingham to play our gig Sunday evening...and play it in spectacular fashion they most certainly did! Resplendent in black shirts with their trademark green ties, they gave us a set that was hinting at Kraftwerk, Manson and Disturbed, but none, or all, of the above! Truly professional, they had even the other bands making their arms ache and hands sore from applauding their set, delivered to a very appreciative and enthusiastic audience who, we hope , made all their effort to get to us worthwhile! You can find Doncker at

New Generation Superstars

What a way to end a full day of excellent music!! Another local, and immensely popular, band, they took the stage at the end of a long day and made it their tired people a new burst of energy that had the younger audience head banging and the older among us wishing we were young enough to join in without getting dizzy and falling over! A very classy and confident set, delivered with an air of panache that bought Velvet Revolver, Murder Dolls with a touch maybe of The Ramones thrown in for good measure, they were an absolutely perfect way to end a full day of outstanding music on the highest of high notes!!! You can find New Generation Superstars at

And so, our last gig of this year, and what a way to end our UK tour!! To every band and solo artist who travelled miles to play for us, to shout us out on stage, who went truly above and beyond, and you KNOW you did guys and girls, we at Team UK, and every child you have helped us reach out to, every victim and survivor you have given a voice to, and every mother, father, aunt uncle...every human being...who wants to make a difference for the children of today and tomorrow...we ALL say a huge Thank You...and we know it’s NOT enough...but it’s the best we can do!! And to everyone who came to see those bands and musicians, paid your money to the charity we were supporting, talked to us, asked the questions, or even just came to listen to the music....another big Thank You...We Rock Against Child Pornography and Abuse...but only because every single one of you ROCKS with us...

See you at our 09 gigs folks...

And as always, we remain your friends @ Rock Against Child Pornography and Abuse Team UK

Carmen, Beth, Trace, Tobi, Geno and Keith!!!!

Review written by Beth 

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