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In 1985 at thirteen, I was a young naive school girl living in Barcelona with my parent.My ears were  used to being loudly tortured by my metal head older brother, with the likes of 'Iron Maiden or 'Scorpions.  But one day a superb racket emerged from his room. A sound I had never heard before, coupled with this terribly piercing, obnoxious wailing bark of a voice, somehow I instantly felt at ease. I had to go knock at my bro's door, find out what the hell was that!  He then showed me this record with a colourful cover, where I read: "Never mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols".  That was it, that year I became a fully-fledged punk. It started the nightmare for my parents, watching in horror as their little girl converted into something they couldn't understand, and the fights with my now adorable then "enemy" metalhead brother too! Hahaha good times!

I never made it to the "Filthy Lucre Live" tour , so this time was going to be the first time for me to see them live. This was about to be a dream come true situation for me, even though I knew it was obviously never going to be the same as it had been when it all happened, specially without Sid Vicious I must say.
So here we were, Barcelona again, fast forward to year 2008, 19th July, Saturday night. Summercase Festival. The Sex Pistols were about to play together with many other international and Spanish bands, which frankly were of no interest to me whatsoever.

So at 11.10 pm sharp, the Sex Pistols took over the stage.  Steve Jones came out onstage, wearing an old God Save The Queen t-shirt and shorts, heavier looking than usual but with the right attitude and the right guitar! Paul Cook looking very much the same as in 1977.

And last but not least enters the stage John Lydon a.k.a. Johnny Rotten, sporting his spiky yellow hair, being wonderfully and shamelessly fat and wearing an enormous jumpsuit that surely made him sweat a lot

John's introduction:  "We're the fucking Sex Pistols! Enjoy or die!" and there goes "Pretty Vacant". 

Along came Glen Matlock, wearing a polo tshirt and ironed trousers!


The crowd went nuts and everyone in the first rows wouldnt stop jumping up n down wildly. 

From then on it was all one "Bollocks" song after another, throwing in some extra candy such as "Did you no wrong", "Stepping  Stone" and a fantastically throbbing "No Fun". They saved "God Save The Queen"  for the first encore and of course an enormous "Anarchy In The UK" for the second and final one.

During the whole show Rotten's voice was better than ever, his perpetual stare presiding over, gloriously (mis)behaving as usual, giving us the best of his sarcastic buffoon-like  performances, adding just the right amount of  ironic, intelligent comments on U.S.politics and some very well placed  "fucks" in-between. 

Flashing his "tits" on more than one occasion much to the audience's amusement, and also sincerely thanking us all for our enthusiasm, he decided to finally show off  his arse for a while, which was a more than satisfying completion of the show.

Towards the end of the show John Lydon introduced a song "does any of you remember the hippies?
well now we like are one of those hippie bands and we're playing Hawkwind, does anybody know them? (silence from crowd!) silver, it's called the song, SILVER!" And they played a cover of the song, which I knew because Lemmy Kilminster from Motorhead was playing bass and singing that song in Hawkwind at the time, way before he became the Lemmy we have grown to love.

All in all, a great show for those of us who never minded the bollocks, and knew what we were going to see. The Sex Pistols.









Pretty Vacant 1977 

Sex Pistols -God Save the Queen ( first row video,live in Barcelona-Summercase08)


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