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Well we'd done the 1940's a few weeks ago and as a child of the sixties I thought another trip back into the 60's might be a blast. There was a flurry of ideas running around about what to wear, would the whole weekend be as electric as the 40's weekend. It was a toss up between a flower child or a rocker chick and the latter won, minus the Norton!

So, full of enthusiasm and a quick photo shoot me & John headed down to Yorkshire, arranged to meet Johna a friend from MySpace on the day. We checked in at The Bronte Cottage B & B on Main Street, lovely and clean, very hospitable and

I'm sorry to report I found the whole event to be a disappointment, most were dressed in outfits which were most unappealing, looking like they'd all been bought ready made on those fancy dress websites, then it left me wondering if the 60's really were that great? I had such high hopes of a great nostalgic return to those summer of love days, the revolutionary period when anything goes, free love, peace & love man & rock n roll !!

It was also a poor turn out, and hardly anyone in 60's garb, even the vehicles were a disappointment, a few scooters, and a small section of 60's cars. I didn't see one motorbike, much to my disappointment, as I'd expected to find a bikers club driving through the cobbles streets decked out in full leather regalia. No mods or rockers cruising the street, flicking their knives and looking menacing. Maybe I always expect 100% commitment from such events. The organisers need to pull their fingers out if they want this sixties weekend to be anywhere near as dramatic as the forties event, which was spectacular. So anyway for what it's worth here are a few shots from the day.

PHOTO: The scooters parade down Main Street.

PHOTO: John Lennon & Yoko peace protest.

PHOTO: The decorated cars, didn't quite cut it with me.

PHOTO: A couple of 60's people, George Best down the street.

PHOTO: John & me preparing to leave.

PHOTO: John, Me & Johna later in the evening, me now dressed in pink candy floss wig and psychedelic dress & silver boots - preparing to go to the 60's disco - don't ask!!

Review & photos by Mel