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Couldn’t believe Spizz Energi were doing a gig 10 mins from home. A few of us arranged to meet early to catch support band Dates. Fronted by Bob Grover of Piranhas fame, they’ve been described as ‘a potent cocktail of beer, salt and attitude’. I’d call it bloody good pub rock. We’d seen them once before and this time round noticed quite a few new songs. Definitely worth watching.  Check out their MySpace page, treat yourself to an LP- you won’t be disappointed.




Spizz Energi hit the stage around 10pm. Spizz, Matt Broughton, Jeff Walker and Simon Kinder have been together since about 1996. By now the pub was absolutely rammed. Launching into a brilliant ‘6000 Crazy’, my mind wandered back to that Spizz Oil gig from over 30 years ago, only this sounded far, far better!  ‘Mega City 3’, ‘No Room’, ‘Amnesia’ and ‘European Heroes’ got everyone dancing. A fantastic front man, Spizz didn’t stop moving even though the place quickly resembled a sauna. Yes… I think he really might be ‘Britain’s Iggy Pop’.



Towards the end people became very enthusiastic i.e) broken glasses and speakers flying. I stood on a chair to escape the crowd (lightweight). One encore including ‘Where’s Captain Kirk’ rounded off a fantastic night out. By far the best gig of all Spizz Energi’s  2008 shows. Catch them live again if you can.


Review by Shelley Guild.

Photo’s by Phil Guild.

Set list pic courtesy of Nigey B.

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