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It’s taken me a while to write this review as I was too busy getting up from bed every day and doing other stuff such as scratching a  cat’s ears and tummy or smelling the many English roses I find everywhere I turn then powerfully sneezing at them and I mean the flowers and I mean the humans. But better later than ever right.

Well so this was the Fourth of June, one Friday evening, at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London, but the daylight was still outside. We got inside to an almost empty venue. It was 7.30 pm which is a horribly early time for a rock show, Texas Terri and her band go onstage and start playing `Lifetime Problems´, which soon becomes a dark, twisted and wicked version of `Be-Bop-A-Lula´. Cool!!!

On this occasion and for this UK tour Texas Terri put together a line-up consisting of three very young guys on guitar, bass and drums. Incombustible and indestructible Miss Texas was in great shape and behaving like the usual real wild child that she is. They played `One Hit Wonder´, `Dirty Action´, `Oh Yeah!´, `To The Top´, `Never Shut Up´, `Mafa´, `Dreamwrecker´, and a couple of cover songs, `Sonic Reducer´ and `I Wanna Be Your Dog´, where Texas decided it was time to go whip up the small crowd present a bit into action so she left the stage and sang the song directly to the astonished people looking at her, who mostly weren’t able to do much else than hold on to their drink and their carefully styled mohicans and/or fruitcake dresses (er, so to speak), so after a lil’ while she headed back onstage to finish the show by thanking everyone and once again leaving her customary farewell by showing off her ass to the audience. Well done.

It is kinda unfair that this amazing woman with that bunch of such good, angry punk rock songs was third in the bill for this concert. She undoubtedly should have been the one to open for The Damned. But instead of that we got Ed Tudor Pole who produced a very boring set of songs that I would describe in short as crap for very bored/boring people. Yeah yeah I know he is a very important blah blah blah but frankly I DO NOT GIVE A FUCK. I mean honestly, was it just a pile of fucking boring shit or what? Yes, it was.

And yet, Mr. Tudor Poles set gave us the precious time to go and get fucked up, in the hope that alcohol would save us once more from attempting suicide due to utter boredom in between bands.

And hurrah!!! Yes, we survived!!!!!  We were alive and kicking ass to see the fucking Damned. What a band, what a legend, what a frontman, what a sound.

Well it turned out to be an ok concert but I have seen them in much better shape. The played and sang effortlessly and impeccably of course, but they also seemed to be a tiny lil’ bit maybe, say, ...bored? Well they were awesome but not as awesome as usual to me, though `New Rose´, `Smash It Up´ and `Neat Neat Neat´ always make me feel exactly the same as when I first listenened to them when I was thirteen. Captain Sensible looked happy as usual, and Mr. David Vanian all in black and being like, the coolest of the cool as usual too.

The Damned’s setlist included `Shadow Of Love´, `Eloise´, `Love Song´, `Disco Man´,  `Nasty´, `Stretcher Case Baby´ and new songs too such as `Perfect Sunday´.

And that’s it for today. A very special thanks to Texas Terri for everything, you really rock and we love you.

Review by Rachel

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