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Last Sunday we headed down to a local music festival @ Haigh Hall Country Park, Wigan and out of the nine bands we saw, The Adjusters made a real impact, they had their roots firmly entrenched in punk rock n' roll. They won the 106.1 Rock Radio future classics competition with 60% of the votes, in Feb this year with the song 'Drinkin' Red Wine'.

I wanted to grab the singer Ash for a bit of natter before they hit the big-time and head to the USA supporting the New York Dolls, well you never know! So let’s kick down some doors and get started.

Mel - It was great to see a young band raising some hell on the local music scene. Can you tell our readers about the band. How long have you all been rockin together?

Ash - Well, we started out writing songs and practising in late 2007, back then there was just myself (vocals) Phil Bowen (guitar, backing vocals) and Andrew Neafcy (bass  guitar). We had numerous drummers, in and out of the band, and then in mid 2008 we decided it would add to our sound and song writing to add a fifth member. Anyhow, to cut a long story short, we had guitarists and drummers in and out of the band, and now the 2009 line-up stands as myself (vocals), Phil Bowen (guitar  backing vocals), Andrew Neafcy (bass guitar) Welliez (lead guitar) and Manning (drums).

Mel - So how did the final line up of the band all get together?

Ash - We all met through various punk gigs, we all share the same interests in music and have the same views on life so we pretty much clicked from day one.

Mel - Are you all from Wigan, Greater Manchester?

Ash - Yea, we all reside around the Wigan area, and boy it sure is fun! Ahem.

Mel - Where does the band name ‘The Adjusters’ come from, is there a good story behind the name?

Ash - When we was thinking around for band names my dad actually suggested The Adjusters and we thought it had a nice original ring to it, that and we can sound clever when people ask what it means, we say something like we’re ‘Adjusting’ the modern state of rock’n’roll back to its roots!

Mel - Who writes the lyrics and the music for the band?

Ash - The lyrics are written by me and Phil and the music is written by Phil or a joint effort by the band.

Mel - You’ve played gigs far across the U.K and making a name for yourself around town. So far which shows have been the most memorable?

Ash - The most memorable gig so far has to be either when we supported The Vibrators somewhere near Bolton, that was a good crowd and good vibes all night, or probably our latest venture at Haigh Fest 09, the crowd was amazing, the response was pretty flattering we didn’t think that many locals would ‘get’ our sound being very influenced from old ‘rock’n’roll/punk.

Mel - Is their any particular band/singer you’d love to support?

Ash - Ooo that’s a tough one, cause there are so many! It would be great to support Motorhead just cause lemmy is so badass. I’d love to support the New York Dolls too!

Mel - How would you describe your sound?

Ash - Our sound in a nutshell, to me is classic Rock’n’Roll with some influences from the 70’s.

Mel - When I saw your show I was immediately struck by your Heartbreakers sound, I have to ask who are your musical influences?

Ash - Haha, well yea, we are very much so into The Heartbreakers as you can tell by some of the guitar riffs and that, but my musical influences start from as early as the 50’s to modern day. I grew up listening to Elvis, and I love Dion And The Belmonts. Stiv Bators, is one of my favourite frontmen, also Johnny Thunders, The Boys, Small Faces. I also like some of the 80’s stuff like early Guns ‘N’ Roses and Motley Crue and I do listen to quite a lot of the underground bands that’s on the American scene at the minute…there’s just too many to mention.

Mel - What music did you grow up with in the family home, were your parents into punk at all?

Ash - I grew up with Elvis as I said before, but yea my dad has been a rockabilly and has played in a Psychobilly band for years (bass player for A Sailors Grave/Ex-Hyperjax!). My mum used to be into all the greats, Siouxsie Sioux and Alien Sex Fiend!

Mel - What are you listening to right now, this minute?

Ash - Right now? I’m at work listening to The Boys -  playing ‘First Time’!!

Mel - Obviously your all way to young to have lived through the punk years but do you wish you’d been around in 1977 to experience punk first hand?

Ash - Of course, that would have been amazing, all we have to go off it are a few DVDs and books but I would have loved to see what it was like at the time first hand ya know!

Mel - What’s your favourite part of rock and roll?

Ash - I don’t think I have a particular favourite part, I just really love Rock’n’Roll as a whole! Rock’n’roll saved my soul boyyy!

Mel - Talking of the future plans, where do you see yourself in 12 months time, or indeed hope to be?

Ash - 12 months time hopefully in a Jacuzzi in the states after a real good show, haha. Nah, I dunno what the future brings, but hopefully still going strong as a band and climbing that musical ladder to the top!

Mel - So I believe you have an album coming out - is there a title yet?

Ash - That we do! It’s coming out sometime soon on Zodiac Killer Records (USA) and is called ‘Reckless Relations’ which pretty much sums up us as a band and our involvement with girls and others! Check that shit out

Mel - Talk us through the tracks on your E.P ‘Can’t See’, which is fab by the way. Featuring Drinkin Red Wine’, Can’t See’, Kickin Down The Door’, 'I Get Paranoid’, and ‘Start Me Up’.

Ash - Right well ‘Drinkin’ Red Wine’ is pretty much just about having a good time, ‘Can’t See’ is about that feeling you sometimes get when you don’t know where you are in your life, ‘Kickin’ Down The Door’ is about not having enough money to pay the rent and then you got the landlord/bayliff’s banging on your door! ‘I Get Paranoid’ is for all you overprotective types, ya know how it feels when your so much into someone and that paranoia starts to set in when you don’t know where they are and ‘Start Me Up’ is pretty much about trying to get that fancy piece you see in the club home for the night!

Mel - I see you have some heavy ink on display, tell me about them, any meanings, and who’s your tattooist?

Ash - Yea ‘getting ink done like it leaks out the pen’ some have meanings. I got a pretty cool design inside my right arm that says ‘get busy livin or get busy dyin’ that means a fair bit to me cause I’ve had my shit times and every time I see it, it just kinda motivates me! And I got Rock’n’Roll across my collar bone, that’s one of my favourites! All my tattoos and the bands are done at my work ‘Legends Tattoo Studio’ on Market Street in Hindley, Wigan. Contact:  61 Market Street, Wigan, Greater Manchester WN2 3AE - Phone: 01942 255560

Mel - Are you a tattooist?

Ash - I'm not a tattooist no, I’ve had a go on some friends but I’m just an assistant at the shop at the moment

Mel - What's your most recent piece on yourself?

Ash - My latest piece of work is on my wrist it says 'where's the justice?' I got that cause that's how my state of mind has been lately haha!

Mel - Have you been interviewed by a fanzine before? If so which one?

Ash - I’ve been interviewed by a webzine before! That’s kinda similar ain't it? I was interviewed for Veglam Webzine, which is a French Webzine if I remember correctly!

Mel - Lastly a fun question, whose lips would you love to plant a ‘Muddykiss’ upon?

Ash - Who better to plant a muddykiss on than the Mudkiss lady Mel! ‘wink,wink’ thanks for taking the time to interview me…mwwaah!

Mel - Aww that’s nice, thanks for taking some time out for us, you’ve been wonderful xx

Many thanks to Ash and check out The Adjusters:

Show dates:

Jul 18th - The New Tavern, Wigan with Dragstrip Junkies
Aug 7th - Rebellion Aftershow @ West Coast Rock Café, Blackpool
Aug 13th - The New Tavern with Eddie & The Hotrods
Aug 15th - Punkfest with 999 & XX Cortez!
Aug 12th - 12 Bar Club London
Sept 4th - Hamptons, Southampton with XX Cortex & The Vibrators
Oct 15th - The Underworld, London with The Grit & Sorry & The Sinatra's
Dec 19th - Punk Alldayer, The Thatched House, Stockport, Manchester

Interview by Mel 09.07.09

Photos by Mel 05.07.09 

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