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Heading out to Liverpool at 7pm, the sat nav takes us around the world, but eventually we arrive at the Static Gallery in the centre of Liverpool around 8.30pm after much hassles with parking in the city centre. It's a kind of Art Gallery/Community Centre with a sense of it being a work in progress.

In the bar a DJ (Rob from Dead Young Records) spun the sounds.A few steps down into another room, you enter a larger room with a kind of empty factory feel. They had a line up of bands playing (see flyer) with people standing around kind of squashed at the back, why do they do that?

The lighting was very basic although the sound proved to be pretty grand later on. I could take or leave a few of the bands on offer to be honest, I found it pretty depressing music, until I briefly heard a band called The Swingin' Bricks, of whom we managed to catch the last two songs of their set (as I was interviewing The Cubical). The Swingin' Bricks were a rockabilly, rock n' roll outfit, and you know how much I love a double bass!! They looked superb, sorry we missed your set, hope to catch you again on our travels.

Meanwhile here's a little photos to wet your appetitive - see and hear more below.  

The Cubical are a garage, rock, blues, five piece band from my hometown of St Helens, but based in Liverpool for the past 8 years. I first heard their track 'Like Me, I'm A Peacock' a few weeks back, I knew instantly they were something else. It's not often a band grabs you so instantaneous, the same happened to Den (who reviewed their album here). Their first offering tonight was the classic 'Edward The Confessor', with an impressive line up, Dan blaring out the vocals, Alex (guitarist) reminding me somewhat of a young Steve New, whilst the rest of the group assaulted their instruments in a brilliant display of professionalism. They managed to ignite the audience, in a dancing frenzy (to which had now grown in size since the last band played).


With everyone dancing their ass off, it was a really positive, happy atmosphere. I kinda felt like I was on the set of the movie 'The Commitments', very bluesy, rock' roll, yet somehow very different, a touch of country in there as well as other more subtle influences. They've been described as psychedelic, sixties sounding, but they are so much more. It's very hard to categorise their sound. Dan with his growling and occasional menacing vocals, didn't fail to entertain us. I haven't danced this much for ages! John O'Neill, the artist responsible for the album art was present, he got a grand introduction and an invite onto the stage, to which he declined. The grand pieces of art were exhibited at the back of the stage.

In summing up, a dazzling, original, performance, The Cubical are sliding up the Mudkiss charts rapidly to number one position, the album is on repeat at my house. A band named by Mojo Magazine as 'One of the coolest bands this year' they didn't fail to deliver that statement. Get your rocks off to The Cubical, yet another brilliant Northern band, they are in a league of their own! Go buy their album now, available on Amazon or iTunes. 'Come Sing These Crippled Tunes'.

Setlist: Edward The Confessor, Great White Lie, 9 Clear Moments, Walking Around Like Jesus, In The Night, I'm Just A Man, An Ode To Franz Bibekopf
Like Me I’m A Peacock, Baby Don't Treat Me Bad, Lay Your Love Down, Woman I Need Your Love, Ratty.

Video: 'Edward The Confessor'

Video: 'Great White Lie''

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Review & photos by Mel
Videos by Tomm James

Special thanks to Rob @ Dead Young Records