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I only know this venue from psychic fairs & beer festivals. It’s re-invented itself as The Hove Centre but luckily isn’t too stark and huge. Nige texted to say the band (or ‘group’ as Mark E Smith would prefer) were appearing at 10pm so me and Phil trundled along and caught the final song by support Bobbie Peru. I recognised bass player Simon ‘Ding’ Archer as ex Fall/PJ Harvey member.

After this we were treated to the multimedia show that I’ve seen a couple of times before, consisting of singers like Elvis, The Carpenters & Black Sabbath doing one painful note to a dance beat. It’s all looped up, excruciating on the ears and difficult to describe. People began to appear restless.

 At last The Fall arrived onstage with their ever-changing line-up and stalwarts Smithy plus wife who looked stunning (Elena, not Mark). Hobbling round like a frail wizened ringmaster who’d lost his whip MES sometimes appeared in pain or angry (was flash photography an annoyance). Fiddling with mikes, amps, papers and leather jacket, I caught him cracking a smile, patting guitarist Pete Greenway on the back. Drummer Keiron and bassist Dave really went for it with tons of energy.

 Loved ‘Fall Sound’, ‘Tommy Shooter’ (not sure who guest singer was) and ‘I’ve Been Duped’. Folks at the front went mad and later a scuffle broke out- a bloke ended up on his back right next to me. The whole gig only lasted 50 minutes including an encore with the mike going out to people stage front. At first no-one sang and Elena mouthed “you sing” (or similar). Noticed their set list also contained ‘Reformation’ & ‘White Lightning’ which weren’t performed. Maybe next time the multimedia showcould be shorter (or left out…ahem).

 Check out the brilliant informative unofficial Fall website here:

Reviewed by Shelley Guild - Photo’s by Phil Guild

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