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Ok so one hot night of this month of August 2009 there I was, looking at the stars in the sky from my spaceship, while eating choc chic chip ice cream and listening to The Glove, when suddenly thought, oh fuck it’s been a year since I did that lil’ chat with Miss Guy!! Damn  I wanna do it again! So I took my pen and my paper and fiercely wrote down all the silly questions I usually like to ask to my most precious and beloved rocknrollers, and voilà, here it is. And because Miss Guy is such a cool and nice and funny person, he agreed to answer them all oh so silly questions for your amusement, education, and so you can realize once more how very wonderful he can be (he is!)

PHOTO: Shannon Sinclair, 2003 

By the way, I envy all of you guys who are seeing Goonsquad play over there all the time and all of you people dancing your asses off to Miss Guy’s Dj’ing awesomeness...

Ok cool so, here goes lil’ chat no. 2 (this time in this historical moment in time, Me is Doll, Miss Guy is Guy):

Doll - Hi Miss Guy! It’s been a year since I first lil’-interviewed you here, remember? And, How are you doing now these days?

Guy - I'm doing great! Enjoying the summer in New York.

Doll -  How are the shows with Goonsquad coming along? Hey we would love to have you all over Europe too!

Guy - We've been having fun. We played two shows in Seattle in June & went over pretty well. I can't wait to go to Europe.

Doll - Last year you told me there was hope of a reunion tour of the Toilet Boys, are there any news about it? Or any kind of hope for the hopefuls and the faithful for the much wanted and needed Toilet Boys reunion?

Guy - No, we've had a couple offers but nothing has been confirmed yet. I think once the economy is back on track, we'll get some good offers & do it.

We're definitely into doing some shows.

(Doll goes:  YAAAAAYYYYY!!!)

Doll -  By the way, how did you choose the name of Toilet Boys?

Guy - We were boys from this toilet known as New York City! 

Doll - And Goonsquad?

Guy - I thought it sounded tough. And worked well with the idea I had for the image.

Doll Why do Goonsquad play with those wonderful big wigs covering your faces? I wanna be in one of your shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PHOTO: unknown, Toronto 2008 

Guy - I wanted us to look like clones. It's very strange because we can't really see anything when we're on stage.

Doll - What about myspace/twitter/facebook. Do you enjoy these types of communication much, and which one you prefer now?  

Guy - I love and hate them all. They're great for promoting things you want to promote. I like Twitter these days.

Doll - Have you denied any "friend" requests?? Hehe

Guy - Yes, a few but not many.

Doll - What memories does this song evoke for you when you hear it now? (imagine your song “Hollywood” playing in the background right now.....)

Guy - That's one of my favourite Toilet Boys songs. It reminds me of a really fun time but also reminds me of some strange times. I think that song could have been a massive hit. I still think it will be one day.

Doll - You are a very active DJ all over NY and more, in fact you were DJ’ing in L.A. not so long ago, how was it like? Do you always enjoy DJ’ing? What are your fave songs to spin right now? And, How are the clubs now in NY?

Guy - I had a blast in L.A. I love it there. I usually have a good time when I DJ. Well, I try to anyway. Sometimes I have to fake it. I love to play The Gossip, Peaches, Blondie, 60's girl groups, Cut Copy, Digital-ism. The list goes on and on. The club scene in New York is ok right now. It's been better. I'm sure it will be good again.    

Doll -  Have you ever seriously considered writing an autobiography? All the fans (and anyone, because of the amazing life you’ve had so far), would surely love it..  Would you like to do it? Or maybe it is too soon, and now you prefer to do other much funnier stuff maybe, things such as?

Guy - I will definitely write a book some day. When, I don't know. I like to take photos and paint these days. But music is my main love still. 

Doll - You love all kinds of animals, do you have any pets right now? I’m pretty sure you do!

Guy - I have a dog named Monkey. He's the coolest friend I have. My two kitties, Max and Mr. Milks, died in the last few years.

PHOTO: Out Magazine 2007 (with his dog Monkey) 

Doll - Tell me what comes to your mind right now if I say the name of Taime Downe!

Guy - I adore Taime. He came to see me when I DJ'ed in L.A. He's always been supportive & I love what he does.

Doll - Why do you love New York so much, tell me which are your favourite things to do in the city!

Guy - The streets are electric! I just love to walk around. Movies, restaurants, taking the subway, friends. It's still the greatest city in the world to me.

Doll - What is your earliest memory of wanting to become a performer/rock star?

Guy - I guess seeing KISS, Bowie, Cher and Elton John on TV or in magazines when I was 4 or 5. I wanted to look like all of them. I loved rock music and wanted to wear make up and flashy clothes.

Doll - Can you remember your first public performance - where was it and what was the occasion?

Guy - Yes, it was at a bar on St. Marks and I was scared to death! But thrilling as well. I was hooked. I love performing most. It's my absolute favourite thing to do. It's better than sex. Well, usually.

Doll - How is it like to be hanging out all the time  with Debbie Harry?? Isn’t she just wonderful or what?

Guy - She's the nicest person in the world. And very smart. And so totally cool.

PHOTO: unknown, djing Philadelphia 2007

Doll - By the way you were DJing at Blondie and Pat Benatar’s show with The Donnas just the other night, how cool was that?

Guy - It was a really fun night. Magical. 18,000 people going crazy!

Doll - What would you do if you died went to heaven and met Marilyn Monroe? What would you do and say to her? Seriously!!

Guy - Well, I hope to meet her in the afterlife one day many, many years from now. I guess I'd want to hug her. 

Doll - Any career highlight you’d like to tell me about, both with the TB, Goonsquad, and as a DJ!

Guy - Too many to mention. I'm actually looking forward to the ones coming up.

Doll - Most bizarre request  from a fan?

Guy - I think somebody asked me to do their make up. That was pretty bizarre.

Doll -What's on your ipod player or iphone right now?

Guy - I change the music on my iPhone constantly. I think I just put some old favourites on the other day. I made a few DJ mixes for a friend who just opened a store in L.A. and I've been listening to those a lot lately. I love MGMT.

Doll  -What's the next thing on your "to do" list?

Guy - I want to do a solo show soon. It's been a couple years and I revisited some of the songs and want to do them live again. I have 3 GoonSquad shows in September that I'm looking forward to.

Doll - If you could have three wishes granted right now by a magical mini fairy, which ones would those be?

Guy - To have a magic shield to always keep me healthy. To headline Madison Square Garden. To rebuild my parents home.

Doll - I know performing live music with the Toilet Boys was one of your fave most exciting things to do, do you have as much fun now doing it with Goonsquad?

Guy - Yes, but in a totally different way. I like getting all dolled up like I did with the Boys, but I feel more free as a performer in GoonSquad because I'm not in heels and I can jump around a lot more.

Doll When touring with the TB, what was the best thing about touring? And the worst?

Guy - The best thing was playing live and having fun on the road with four guys I really liked. The worst part was when we started to not like each other as much as the early days. But even then, we had fun on stage.

Doll - Do you still spin at the Girls, Girls, Girls, night at the Bowery Electric?   

Guy - I stopped doing that last year, but just started it up again at another venue. It's really fun.

Doll  - What’s your fave  B-movie horror from the 1950s? And female star from the era?

Guy - Oh, I don't know, maybe The Blob although I'm not sure that's considered a B movie. Marilyn is my favourite.

Doll - What are your plans musically as of now? Are you planning to do any more collaborations with other artists/bands you like?

Guy - I'd like to do something with Billy Corgan and Courtney Love. Not together though. I want to do more stuff with Debbie. 

Doll - Who is your biggest inspiration nowadays? In life, in music...

Guy - I get inspired by friends mostly. And I somehow find inspiration in most things. Nature, animals.

Doll - Any plans of growing out your hair long again? You look gorgeous anyway but... just curious.

Guy - Thanks, I'm in the process of growing it a bit. And I recently went a light blonde which feels good.

Doll - Which artist would you like to play with?

Guy - MGMT, The Gossip, Peaches, Courtney Love or Hole. Blondie is always fun to share the stage with.

Doll - Are you ever coming back to making R’n’R songs again or was that something you did with the TB only?  

GuyI have a few rock songs for my solo thing. I was just thinking I want to do more rockers. Maybe with GoonSquad or maybe for my solo project. I'd love to write more with Sean. He's one of my favorite songwriters.

Doll -  What is the first thought you usually have in the day when waking up, and at nights before going to sleep?

Guy - I wake up smiling every morning because my dog is right there. I usually think to myself that it's going to be a great day. At night I'm usually too tired to  think of anything but going to sleep. 

Doll - Ok, since you are the lead singer of my favourite band in the world (Toilet Boys), I feel number and dumber than ever before, as well as absolutely starstruck, so much so that I can barely think of a decent question to ask you right now. I just wish I could interview you in person one day because I am sure there would be a million questions to ask and you would just wanna kill me so I could shut the fuck up.

Well, in the meantime,  let me just say (again) that, fuck, you were the shit!!! And I’m not kissing your ass!

Annndddd... Anything you want to say to our Mudkiss readers? Say it, we love you! 

Guy - You're very sweet and I'm sure one day you'll interview me in person. To all the Mudkiss readers, a big kiss from New York!


Guy - I want an Oscar actually!




Interview by Rachel 01/09/09

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