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Are you mad enough for the circus of the mad – a question they pose on MySpace. Well yea I guess Mudkiss are, so we trotted down to The Roadhouse in Manchester to check them out.


On arrival we were informed that the lead singer Banann had lost his voice, so the keyboard player would be stepping in. In the great tradition of the theatre, the show must go on. We were given the choice whether we wanted our money back or not, but as we were guests of The Infadels we continued, although slightly disappointed I was prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt. I hadn’t seen them play live before so had no real expectations, or no comparisons to make.The venue started to fill up; only a few appeared to ask for their money back.

The band hit the stage to rapturous applause, seems they have a big fan base. It felt a bit like all hail The Infadels.They hit the stage with theatrical make up, joker style white faces with black stripes, the drummer had a white ghostly hooded cloak. The Joker meets Urban warrior Zombies.


They crashed into ‘Circus Of The Mad’ the crowd responded, this is a big hit and it got off to a great start. It’s hard to describe the music, it borders on indie, post punk with a bit of rave thrown in for good measure. I’m not sure why but The Prodigy sprang to mind watching them. The whole show combines theatrical movements, clockwork gestures, dramatic poses and bags of high energy. The singer who normally plays keyboards gave the performance of his life; you can’t knock them for the sheer enthusiasm displayed.


They performed an excellent rendition of Eurythmics 'Sweet Dreams, love the wild moves! 

Three cheers for carrying on with the show and not disappointing people who had travelled to see them.

Towards the end Matt jumped into the crowd chanting during 'Brandon Vegas' 'I Love Your Head', they loved it, he got swallowed up in the mob of Infadelites.


A grand night my only worry was that Ritchie was going to bang his head on the Roadhouse sign in his manic movements and high jumping. In retrospect I feel they need a bigger venue to get the full effect of their stage show. They are onto bigger and better things – Cheers for a great night out! 






Code One




Change My Colours



Free Things

Sweet Dreams




The Band tonight:


Richie – Vocals (usually keyboards)

Wag – Bass

Al – Drums

Jon - Keyboards

Matt - Guitar


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Just a little snippet of the Infadels from Roadhouse.