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I worked at this venue for six months 22 years ago. Looks like it’s not been cleaned since then- what a complete scuzz-hole!


Vibrators hit the stage around 9.30 full of apologies about singer Knox’s absence due to shoulder injury and “ticker problems”. Hope he gets well very soon. Line-up included stalwart and original drummer Eddie, bassist Pete (since 2003), plus Nigel Bennett (ex Vibrators/Members) helping out on guitar.


This was a 16+ gig- several enthusiastic young punks gathered stage front. Pete’s mike flew over after three numbers, leading to an angry warning “there’s one fucking rule here. I don’t want to lose my fucking teeth. I don’t want to lose my fucking eyeball ok, so when you fucking dance make sure you don’t bash into this microphone ANYWHERE!!”

Hadn’t seen them play live since attending a Revolver recording (ATV 1978). Recognised loads of old numbers ‘Pure Mania’, ‘I Need a Slave’, ‘Troops of Tomorrow’, ‘London Girls,’ ‘Baby Baby, ‘Automatic Lover’, etc. Thought Eddie’s voice suited the poppier songs better (‘Whips & Furs’), Pete’s vocals being a little more raw. The crowd continued yelling for ‘Judy Says’, someone climbed onstage, more shouting preceded one encore- a cover of The Clash’s ‘Brand New Cadillac’ and ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’. Altogether a great gig, well attended with a very responsive following.




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Review & set list pic by Shelley Guild

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