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This is a band I had waited to come to our northern shores and the day had finally arrived. First a little introduction - The band were formed in Scotland in late 2006 and consists of Lead singer Damon Deville, John (Bass), Chris (Rhythm Guitar), Kit (Lead guitar), Scott (drummer). They released a single on July 7th 'A human angle' on the 'Electric Toaster Entertainment' label. They describe themselves as 'dirty, horny, sexy punk' and who am I to disagree! 
The band were due to play at a new music venue 'Moho live' but due to some problems with the club it was cancelled. I got an e-mail around tea time to say the band were now going to be playing at 'The Roadhouse' for 8.30pm. So Plan B got under way and we trundled onto a train and took ourselves to the venue,the band were stood on the doorsteps outside as we arrived. All skinny legged jeans, Tattooed Damon, ruffled hair and attitude - fabulous !! We departed down the steps into the small dark club, kind of reminiscence of clubs of the late 70's. We had been put on the guestlist by Hayley who works for the band - so thanks again Hayley. I think we were one of the first to arrive - how uncool !! anyhow we grabbed a few beers and introduced myself to the band, explained I was doing a review of the night. The boys were very friendly and chatty.They hit the stage at 8.30pm.

I was so disappointed at the poor turn out, Manchester doesn't know what they missed. I hope this is just  a one off for the boys as they deserve success.The set was  'short but sweet' due to being arranged at the last minute. They were the first band on-stage and only given a half hour slot, which was disappointing. I guess I should mention there were three other bands playing later 'The Corsairs', Merchant 4 and Hiatus' but I had just come to see 'The Vivians'.

I felt that this was just a warm up for 'The Vivians' and given more stage time and an appreciative crowd they would of rip roared into the night. They have energy, style and youth to spurn them onto greater things, which I am sure will come.

As you can see from this shot Damon really gives a damn good performance, as do all the band.They also look the part and sound like they mean business. Heavy bass, writhing guitars, and solid drum lines they are loud,mean and moody. I wouldn't say they were 'punk' music but they bring influences from this period and make it their own.I'm sure they are going places and I'm glad I caught them before their future sell out gigs.Look out here they come !!!

They did around 6 tracks in all. The first song they sang was 'Doctor Doctor' "my daddy said get a job right now". Their songs have titles such as 'Endless beginnings',Glasshouses, Volumes. Finally they gave us their new single and I was bopping and singing away. This is the most catchy of their repertoire so far. I doubt we saw the bands full potential tonight as it was such a short set and lack of audience participation. However what we did see has left me wanting more.They are full of passion and enthusiasm for what they do and a bonus is that they are genuine nice guys.


It was great chatting to you guys at the end of the night - Manchester will hopefully be ready for your next visit in droves.The night would not be complete without the ......Oh no you've been 'Mukissed' photo and I had to sneak one of me and 'Damon' again later.

Many thanks to the band it was a blast and good luck with your new single!  





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