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‘O’ from Undercover Slut has kindly agreed to tell us a bit about his great band, which to me is a delight to see live in action (go to youtube and check, or better,  go see them live if they happen to be playing near you! – soon in Paris - ).




Introduction by themselves:


Welcome to the White Whore era!

UNDERCOVER SLUT (A.K.A. UCS) was painfully conceived shortly before Y2K by Europe's most hated/wanted/extremely high paranoid individual/psychotic manic depressive/obsessive/compulsive/control freak/notorious groupie magnet/renaissance man/agent provocateur extraordinaire/workaholic/controversial lead vocalist/lyricist/mentor: 'O' (A.K.A. "letter number thief-teen"), later joined by Divine (guitars), Drag (bass) & Kraze (drums) in Paris Le Trash, fucked-up France.


Unpure, unsafe & untamed being the best way to describe UNDERCOVER motherfuckin' SLUT politically incorrect lyrical content& white noise assault on international masses...
Decadence & integrity
Hybrid but uncompromised...
Superficial while being subliminal...
A real violent cross between 21st Century technology, '77 punk rock nostalgia, Creepy & spooky industrial sounds and a dirty fuckin' glamorous image.



Their website is: Pay a visit, it’s worth it.

Rachel - Hi ‘O’, you say that  bands such as the Sex Pistols and the NY Dolls are your main influences in your music, which is totally anti-establishment by the way,  a mix of industrial /rock/gothic /glam/metal sonic debauchery. What's your real intention with UNDERCOVER SLUT, where/who do you wanna reach and why?


'O' - The Dolls and the Pistols are the Godfathers of a thousand nihilistic make-up bands, UNDERCOVER SLUT being one of 'em. I am also one of their numerous bastard spiritual children. My main goal is to reach as many people as possible without compromising a single thing.



 Rachel - By the way about the Sex Pistols, and the New York Dolls, have you been to any of their current reunion tour shows, and if you have, what's your opinion on both of them?

'O' - I saw the Pistols at L.A.'s Greek Theatre something like 4 or 5 years ago, also saw the Dolls at L.A.'s Sunset Junction street fest. in 2K5 & at Paris' l'Olympia the year after. I enjoyed both bands, actually consider the Pistols to be more of a reunion thing than the Dolls, since there are way too many dead people in the Dolls. Met Killer Kane once, years ago by the Hyatt on Sunset.


Rachel - 'O', you are a very passionate activist for animal rights, work with the Animal Liberation Front, tell us why you do it and why people should or could pay attention to this.


'O' - Let's just say that I respect "animals" as much as I disrespect "humans". Everyone should support the A.L.F.!  “Animals” never fuck with you, “humans” do!


Rachel - Your hometown Paris, you often describe it as a psychotic and fucked-up place, why do you feel that?


'O' - Parisian streets are graced by dogs' shite and arrogant assholes. Welcome to the city of love! Frenchies think they know everything, most of 'em are just fuckin' retards, full of themselves, pathetic arrogants without attitude, rebels without a cause, the list is endless. I've been verbally insulted and physically attacked since I'm 10. I got beaten up a lot, and I learnt how to beat the shit out of people too. There’s a lot of violence inside and outside…


Rachel - After changing music labels quite often now you're with OFFENSIVE RECORDS, are about to release "AMERIKKKA MACHT FREI" (scheduled for Monday, November 24th this year). 


'O' - Most labels are dead or dyin', which is not a bad thing since most of 'em were run by liars and thieves. I don’t trust a lot of people in this business. OFFENSIVE RECORDS is in fact our own label. How can you not be satisfied with your own structure? 


Rachel - The line up of UCS has changed quite a lot over the years, being you 'O' the one and only original member still present,  (now line up consisting of 'O'  (Voice and Opinion); Divine (Lead and Rhythm Guitars); Drag (Bass Guitar);  and Kraze (Drums and Percussion). Why the frequent changes?


'O' - The main thing is we usually don't share the same vision. They rarely get fired, most of the time, they decide to leave, then it's "good riddance!" for me.
Of course, most of the time, when they're not in the band anymore, they realize the pussy’s not that good anymore (if any), and they start to behave like cryin' babies, talkin' shit about me or UNDERCOVER SLUT, but that's fine. It's essential to have a smear campaign against you, its called promotion!

Rachel - What was it like to play with The Damned this year? And with Wednesday 13 last year? 

‘O’ - Played with 'em in ParisLondon’s Marquee? Show was sold-out, tickets sold like crazy, venue was fuckin' packed! BTW, “cheers!” to that RNR legendary kingpin that is Phil Mann for getting’ us that gig! in that killer landmark that is the Gibus Club, which is as mythical as NYC’s CBGB or Wednesday 13, another sold-out venue, killer show too! 

Rachel – Quite recently your latest video "Shadow Song" got banned by YouTube..  (Fans can check it out at for example). There are images of animals being slaughtered at slaughterhouses. Do you think the ass and tits alone would have got you the video banned as well? What do you have to say about this whole video banning thing?

'O' - I honestly don't think it's the T&A that got us banned, especially with elephant tape on those breasts. I just think that the graphic reality of "animal" cruelty is way too much to handle for most people. It's obviously OK to hunt 'em, torture 'em, kill 'em, genocide 'em the Hitler/Stalin way, but absolutely not OK to show what's going on. We are living in a very hypocritical society, censorship is everywhere, not only on TV, Internet's fucked-up too. Big brother rules the internet!

Rachel  - How was it like working with the photographer Dean Karr who directed the video? 

'O' - Dean is blessed by a third eye, he sees things we don't. Fuckin' genius and a very nice soul too! 

Rachel - And while recording "Hollywood Noir", which was engineered by Chris Baseford (who has worked also for Rob Zombie, Genitorturers, John 5, Tommy Lee, etc.), tell us a bit how did you like it.

'O' - Started pre-production with another L.A. producer who was way too fucked-up on drugs 24/7 to take care of business, and ended up recording at the infamous Chop Shop. Chris and the entire Chop Shop clique has been very friendly to us since day one. Also did an amazing job on "AMERIKKKA MACHT FREI"! Cannot wait for the world to discover that fuckin’ album!  

Rachel - You love Hanoi Rocks and Motley Crue since you were a teen, have you had the opportunity to meet them/hang out with or even get some of them involved in some music project of yours past present or future? (I mean, why not!!)

'O' - Saw Hanoi live in London several years ago, never met those guys though. Met Corabi & Castillo (RIP) once, does that count as Crüe members? (sure)

Rachel - In the forthcoming CD "AMERIKKKA MACHT FREI" you wanted to include a cover version of "Killing An Arab", The Cure's legendary first song, why?

'O' - That song title is such an offensive statement nowadays, it has been banned from several internet links already. Weird since it’s absolutely not a hateful song, comes from “L’Etranger” by Camus, stupid censorship as always, uneducated people trying to educate others, fuckin’ pathetic! Won’t make it on “AMERIKKKA MACHT FREI” though, since I cannot afford Robert a new Jaguar.  

Rachel - Another song on the CD is titled "Anna Nicole Smith". Tell us about it for those of us who still haven't been able to make it to one of your live shows, where you play it.

'O' - It’s all about A.N.S. really. Wait for those lyrics, see what’s up and judge for yourself. 

Rachel - On the CD you have had collaborations from Matthew Roberts (Charles Manson's son) and Murderdolls/Wednesday 13's Eric Griffin. How did the Matthew Roberts collaboration happen? How about Eric Griffin's too? 

'O' - Marilyn Manson’s ex introduced me to Matt while we were recording at the Chop Shop. Regarding Eric, I knew him way before Murderdolls, when he first moved to L.A. 

 Rachel - I think you have a book on its way,  ("yOur gOd is my whOre"), are you writing it yourself? What is it about? Is it gonna be published any time soon?

'O'Not finished yet, still updating it on a weekly basis. No outside help. It's all about the UNDERCOVER SLUT mystique since day one. Already found a publisher for its European release. That book is a bomb! 

Rachel - Tell me about the artists that inspired you the most to do what you do.

'O' - Free spirits, rebels WITH a cause, eccentrics with attitude, pariahs, underdogs mainly.

King King Hollywood - Hollywood, CA. - 09/26/07

Rachel - As final question, I'd just like you to say something that you really wanna say, something that no-one has ever asked to you in an interview and that you would like to say now. Whatever the fuck it is, say it!

'O' - You’ve just asked it.  (aw..)


Interview by Rachel 21.11.08



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