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It was off to the Tavern again for another night at the Fuzzbox, on the bill we had the long standing punk band from way back in '76, the Vibrators with support by a local rockabilly band A Sailors Grave. With camera in hand we trudged through Wigan’s town centre in the heavy rain. The first band ‘A Sailors Grave’ I had heard about them before but this was my first time seeing them play. Matt Cooley on Guitar & Vocals, on Double Bass we had Bob Corner, Manning (who also plays in The Adjusters)on Guitar and Jay on drums.


It wasn't a great turn out, which was disappointing, but it didn't stop them giving their all. The setlist was along these lines - 'Little Fires, Better Now, Coming Back For You, One Time Only (The Dwarves), Get Outa Here Baby, (Bobs tooon), Sorry Its Come To This, One Hell Of A Memory, Kill Your Radio'. They were impressive from start to finish, despite Manning telling me beforehand he hadn’t practised with them for 6 months. No one would be the wiser; they rocked the house with their own brand of rockabilly, rock n roll, wicked drums, twanging guitars and a good rocking tonight! (More photos added in the photo gallery)

A Sailors Grave Video by Vanessa

Without further adieu, the Vibrators took to the stage. It was actually first time for me seeing this band in action. Tonight we had back on vocals Knox, clad in a ‘Swedish Teens’ logo tee shirt, & baseball cap, heavily tattooed Pete on Bass, the original drummer Eddie and Nigel Bennett playing guitar.

Knox,  also doubles as a painter (check out his site here as well as a musician, tonight he appeared in fine form, albeit he took to the rear of the stage a few times and his memory doesn’t seem to be what it was, as they joked about him having to read from a scrap of paper. If my maths serves me right he is 64 years of age, now that has to be applauded.They did a couple of new songs tonight as well as the old favourites such as ‘Baby, Baby’, ‘Whips & Furs’ and ‘Automatic Lover’. What really stunned me tonight, & couldn’t tear myself away, were the fiercely animated moves of Pete, low slung bass, and his bejewelled arms of tattoos.

Nigel (Ex Members) took centre stage for one number and sang a Members number ‘Sound Of The Suburbs’ I recognised it immediately as a popular track from my misspent youth. They received a warm welcome tonight as the night evolved more people flocked in to see them, a couple of the guys were dancing towards the end and everyone seemed to enjoy it that much they asked for an encore.These guys always seem to be on tour so catch them at a venue near you. Also watch out for a new album coming very soon 'Under The Radar'.(more photos in the gallery or flickr)

Setlist: Wrecked On You,Pure Mania, I Need a Slave, Whips & Furs,, Kid's, Troops Of Tomorrow, Amphetamine Blue, London Girls, Sound Of The Suburbs, Radar, Baby, Baby, Judy Says (knock you in the head), Disco In Mosco,Automatic Lover'.

It was an all round great night, and I think Rob James from ‘Fuzzbox’ deserves a pat on the back for all the excellent gigs he is planning and plotting.

The Vibrators Video ‘Whips & Furs’ by Vanessa

The Vibrators Video ‘Baby, Baby’ by Vanessa

Review & photos by Mel
Videos by Vanessa