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Hey, so I got to meet up for an interview with Wednesday 13 on the evening before their absolutely killer show at the Electric Ballroom in London, last April 3rd, the last date of their 2009 UK tour. I just had to go to London to see them and here’s the interview with Wednesday, who is just as funny and cool as I thought he would be.

If anyone still doesn’t know who this guy is please refer to the myspace website pages at the end of the interview, or better still, go buy their latest cd ‘Skeletons’ or their ‘Fuck It, We’ll Do It Live’ cd and DVD, and enjoy! Or even BETTER, go to their Weirdo A Go Go MySpace page and watch all the fun as well


Rachel - Hi Wednesday this is the last date of the European tour, how's it been for you? 


Wednesday 13 - Long, very long yeah, yeah this tour started in February and we did America and then went straight to Japan, from Japan straight to Europe and 15 shows in a row, no days off and so I’m beat up. I’m tired but overall it’s been a great tour, great audiences, you know, it’s been really really good, it’s always great here when we come to the UK


Rachel - Do you have any special highlights, anything special you remember from this whole year of touring? 


Wednesday 13 - Yeah, before we came to the UK we were in Japan with Hanoi Rocks and that was really, really cool for me, just for the fact that was one of my favourite bands and IS one of my favourite bands and being able to play with them every night and watch their show every night was really cool and we became really good friends with the guys. So that was a really cool thing for me. I would have never thought I would see that band live, much less get to play with them, so for me that might be the highlight of this whole touring period. 

Rachel - You admired Michael Monroe very much since you were a kid?


Wednesday 13 - Yeah yeah Hanoi Rocks is such a good band and the guys are supercool and superfunny, and we like a lot of the same music so we hit it off very good. 


Rachel - What’s it been like touring with The Chelsea Smiles, have you enjoyed it? 


Wednesday 13 - Yeah man, they’re really fun guys, a great band. Probably some of the best musicians I’ve ever seen or played with, they're just phenomenal guitar players. I’ve known Todd for a long time, for a while and it’s been really cool hanging out every night with him talking about music and we just counting stories about this band and so on……. so it’s been really fun touring with them. Yeah it’s been a really nice tour with this package and the Glamour To The Kill guys are really nice guys too, so yeah its been really cool to be on tour on a package with people that you like you know.


Rachel - Are you specially happy to be playing here at the Electric Ballroom with all of its history, so many cool bands and artists have played here before? 


Wednesday 13 - Oh I dont know who else has played here, hahahaha. I have no idea about the history of this place, no, but it’s a cool venue, sounds great. The last time I played here was at The Astoria and I knew the history of that place but no I don’t know.. I’ll find out though, I’ll look into it! 


Rachel - I wanted to ask you about North Carolina, you are still based there and you are not interested at all in living in bigger cities like say LA or NYC, why is that so? 


Wednesday 13 – I….hmm you know, I’ve kind of a private personality, small, well you know its home for me. I moved to Los Angeles for a month recently and I hated it, I hated it, I hated it. I can’t express you how much I hated living there, and I’ve got a load of friends there, but it’s too high pace for me. I like where I live, it’s small, it’s quiet, I can go to the store and I don’t have to wait in traffic, you know, that’s just me. 


Rachel - I saw somewhere on MySpace that you were gonna celebrate the end of the tour at home in North Carolina, with your other band Bourbon Crow. 


Wednesday 13 - Yeah, yeah, yeah, well Bourbon Crow is like a country project that I’m doing and yeah on the very last show of that tour it’s Rayen, the other guy in the band’s birthday. So it’s gonna be an insane night for sure.  


Rachel - Do you have any plans to play live in Spain again anytime soon, because people remember you there a lot?


Wednesday 13 - Yeah I hope so, but you know it’s not really up to me. Most of the times, like when my agent, when we go on tour and he plans my routine and he goes to places and I don’t think I’ve sold enough records over there for anyone to take a chance on me for coming back. I love playing there and I know we have fans, but it’s up to the promoters to get me in you know. 


Rachel - Do you remember some place over there where you enjoyed playing the most while in Spain


Wednesday 13 - No, not really. When I was there that was one of my first tours ever and you know I had so much going on I can barely remember a lot of it so.


Rachel - I know you’ve been asked this a lot of times, but, what are your fave horror movies? 


Wednesday 13 - Yeah, I don’t know, I have a lot of different ones, ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ is one of my favourite all time movies. I like the characters in it. It was funny to me, it was comedy, I know it’s probably the scariest movie ever made but it wasn’t for me, I thought it was hilarious! As far as actors and stuff  like that you know I really like Joe (Bill) Moseley playing Chop Top in ‘Part Two’, and it’s really great to see that  Rob Zombie actually brought him back out, and put him in movies again because he’s really, really funny. 


Rachel - After your ‘Weirdo A Go-Go’ DVD thing, where aside from your love of all things horror you show your comedy side? When are you gonna do yourself a horror movie and who’d you like to have starring in it? 


Wednesday 13 - I don’t know. I think if I would do it my first movie probably would just be a comedy, instead of a horror movie which is what you would expect me to do. I think I could do one cool but you know. I watch more comedy than horror movies these days, but I don’t know who I would get to be in a movie. I’d probably get unknowns, because that’s what I like about old films, you didn’t know anybody in the movies, so you’d have to have a famous star to make it, you know, how in ‘Friday The 13th’ you didn’t care who was getting killed, you know! 


Rachel - And what are the comedy movies that you’re watching these days? 


Wednesday 13 - Oh I like old comedy movies, I like.. ‘The Jerk’, and ‘Airplane’... (‘Airplane’!! you like ‘Airplane’!! cool!!) Yeah we watched that the first day we got it on our bus, we had it on our bus, and you know so.. (I love ‘Airplane’!!) Yeah it’s great! 


Rachel - Ok, so, do you like Gladiator movies, Wednesday?


Wednesday 13 - Have you ever been in a Turkish prison? hahahaha....


Rachel - I think that you are a big fan of Ed Wood, what do you like the most about him? 


Wednesday 13 - Oh, you know I just…I think the thing I like about it is the fact that when I saw the movie that Tim Burton did on his life and I read his book. For me it was really, really, interesting how the guy was so passionate about what he did and I think that’s what I like the most about him, was that he was just, you know like in the movie you’re watching him and he would film just like he didn’t really care, not that he didn’t care, he was into it and he would just go like “oh don’t you wanna get an extra shot or something..?” “No! No! It’s perfect! It’s perfect!”.  And I can relate to that because I was doing that with my bands at the time, we were at the studio recording and (someone would go) “sure you don’t wanna do that again?” and I’d say “no! no, that was perfect, perfect take, the sound was perfect!” and it weren’t, but you know, that was kind of funny. That was what influenced the whole idea of what the Frankenstein Drag Queens were doing, it was all really based around Ed Wood and a lot of the music was really based around the Sex Pistols, and Jayne County and stuff like that and Alice Cooper and that’s where it all came from. 


Rachel - Yeah with the Frankenstein Drag Queens (From Planet 13) you used to do a whole album in like one or three days only... 


Wednesday 13 - Yeah, haha, yeah.. 


Rachel - And you were planning to do a whole cover song album with the FDQ, which you never did at the end, would you like to do something like that now with your current band? 


Wednesday 13 - Yeah I’ve thought about it. I just.. I don’t know, I mean, It’s a, I think one day, I think I still wanna do a couple more records before I get to do a whole album of covers. I like to do covers, maybe one per record or something like that. It’s cool to bring out a cover out live but, not really.. you know. I don’t think I’m gonna do a full cover album any time soon and the ‘Drag Queen’ album, the cover thing was supposed to come out. We recorded half the songs which, half of those are on the ‘Rare Treats’ cd in the box-set, you know the Alice Cooper song, ‘The Sweet song’ and The stooges song and.. you know, that was in the works, it just never happened. 


Rachel - I think you like Rob Zombie’s movies, do you especially like the ‘Halloween’ remake he’s done? 


Wednesday 13 - You know I really like ‘The House Of 1000 Corpses’, and I like ‘Halloween’. I thought it was interesting the twist you get on it, the thing I like about it the most is I loved all the characters and all the actors in the movie. I really like the back-story, the first half of the movie I thought it was what made it, so yeah I thought it was really cool. 


Rachel - What’s your fave record of all time, can you say just one? 


Wednesday 13 - Let’s see.. It’s Alice Cooper’s ‘Love It To Death’, or Kiss’ ‘Rock N Roll Over’, those are two of my favourite records. 


Rachel - And what’s the first record you remember you ever listened to?


Wednesday 13 - Hmm I don’t know. I used to hang around my brother a lot, he used to collect a lot of records so he turned me on to a lot of stuff. I remember him playing ‘Shout At The Devil’, on vinyl for the very first time and I wasn’t even into music at the time,  it was like what is this, it was scary, he used to turn the lights out, light candles and we would put on the beginning and I thought oh my god, and my mom was always, you know, scaring me ‘the devil’s gonna get ya!’ hahaha! 


Rachel - How old were you? 


Wednesday 13 - Fuck I don’t know.. it came out like in 1984 and I was born in 1976 so..  


Rachel - What was the first record that you bought, stole or was given as a gift? 


Wednesday 13 - I wish I would remember that, I use to trade cassettes with people. I used to copy and make mixed tapes and stuff, so I used to get a lot of stuff like that and I don’t know what the first record or cassette I got was... I don’t know, I don’t know... I used to steal a lot of cassettes at the store though.


Rachel - Which one was the first you stole then? 


Wednesday 13 - I think I stole one Iron Maiden cassette because I thought the cover looked cool and then I put the music on and I hated it! It might have been ‘Somewhere In Time’  or something. 


Rachel - How did you meet Marilyn Manson and what was it like?


Wednesday 13 - Haha, it’s a real easy answer to that, I never met him! Haha. We made a video and he shot his part the day after so I never met him. I met him back in the day, before I was doing anything professionally in music and I met him as a fan, because I was a really big fan of that first record and I like all of his stuff. I like his first four records a lot, but yeah, it was Joey (Jordison) he was friends with him and asked him to be in the video and I think ‘cause Joey was in his video before that, they were friends, I respect the guy a lot though. 


Rachel - You’ve been friends with Joey Jordison for a long time, he was a fan of the Frankenstein Drag Queens, do you keep in touch with him? Do you talk about doing something together again with the Murderdolls? 


Wednesday 13 - Yeah, we spoke a couple of months ago and we were talking about the idea of doing a new record. So I’m up for doing it, I hope, you know, as long as he is I’m sure we’ll end up doing something, but he tours as much as I do, so we don’t usually speak a whole lot. We usually speak by text, or by e-mail or something like that but he says he wants to do a new record so we’ll see what happens. 


Rachel - Your country side-project Bourbon Crow, what does the future hold for it? Have you met Hank III and David Allan Coe and if you did what was it like? 


Wednesday 13 - Yeah, I’ve seen them both in concert but I always was so drunk by the time it was over with I never got a chance to meet them. But yeah, as far as what the future holds for Bourbon Crow, we just recorded a new cd, it comes out in May. I’m really excited about it, we are gonna do a tour in a month from now and I don’t know, I hope it’s gonna do well and I’m gonna go out and see if I like it and it goes well then I’ll do more tours with it but I really like the project. I really like the music a lot and I’m sure we’ll keep doing it. 


Rachel - Cool! Well are you now completely recovered from your car accident last year and can you play guitar well again? 


Wednesday 13 - Yeah, yeah I’m all good. It took a lot longer because I pretty much went out on tour like two weeks afterwards and usually to heal a broken collarbone there’s really nothing you can do except for not move and I was onstage every night. I did a US tour and a European tour and it was just non-stop, so it took almost four months for it to heal. And plus I really like playing guitar with these other projects that I’ve done, like the Murderdolls. I liked being just the front guy, but with this band I like playing guitar, I feel kind of naked without it so. 


Rachel - Well, sorry about this question, if you don’t wanna answer it don’t, but are you afraid of dying and when the time comes how would you like to go?  


Wednesday 13 - Oh hahaha... yeah I guess I’m afraid as everybody else you know, but, well I guess I wanna go quietly and in my sleep I guess, you know. 


Rachel - What bands would you prefer had never existed and which ones if any, would you not mind if they ceased to exist? 


Wednesday 13 - Oh, I don’t know, you know as far as bands and stuff. I mean, I used to be a guy who’d just go “I hate this, I hate this, I hate that...”, but now I’m just ok you know if it’s not my style I’m not gonna badmouth them ‘cause, you know.. 


Rachel - There’s absolutely none?.. 


Wednesday 13 - Oh yeah yeah, but I will be nice, haha.. 


Rachel - What do you collect, if anything? 


Wednesday 13 - I am pretty much a nerd about Kiss. Yeah, I went out today and bought two Kiss t-shirts, two bootleg t-shirts (sorry Gene...). Um but I collect all the stuff and my house is all decorated in Kiss merchandise and I just, I love it. You know that’s my favourite thing. I look at Kiss and all the people giving them shit because they’re carrying on without Ace and Peter and there are the other guys in the make-up but it’s like, I view Kiss almost like Spiderman and Batman. They’re characters to me, you know and that’s the way I look at them and they’re my favourite, favourite band. 


Rachel - What’s your favourite one of the four of them? 


Wednesday 13 - I think I like Ace, it’s a cross between Ace and Paul Stanley, but Ace is just a bastard, drunk, awesome guitar player, one of the best, and so probably say Ace.  


Rachel - Have you met them? 


Wednesday 13 - I met Ace Frehley. 


Rachel - What was it like, were you like a child?


Wednesday 13 - Yeah, I actually met him while we played New York City, we opened for Alice Cooper and I’m on the side of the stage, after the show, watching Alice and thinking, man this is really cool. I mean New York City, playing with Alice Cooper, how much better can this get? I look at the side and there’s Ace Frehley standing beside of me, rocking out, singing “Be My Lover”and I’m going, holy shit!!!  You know.. I didn’t bug him at all, after the show I just went up to him and shook his hand and I just wanted to say hey, and that was it. So, I didn’t ask for his autograph or a photo.. no, I didn’t.. I kick myself in the ass now but I was being cool. I didn’t wanna bug him he was hanging out with his lady you know


Rachel - I love the lyrics of all your songs from all your bands, you write them yourself do you? 


Wednesday 13 - Yes, everything, well in the Murderdolls. Joey helped a lot with all the songs, he wrote the choruses and a lot of stuff. That was a project between Joey and you, I know, we collaborated on stuff, but all of the Frankenstein’s, all the Wednesday stuff it’s been one hundred percent me, all music, all the lyrics


Rachel - How do you inspire yourself to do the lyrics? 


Wednesday 13 - I don’t know. I just see stuff on tv and things like that and I can use something someone said in a movie, you know something off ‘Airplane’. Haha you know what I mean, oh that’s funny, I’ll turn it into a song. I mean half the material of the Frankenstein Drag Queens was straight from movies. 


Rachel - What music do you listen to these days? 


Wednesday 13 - I still listen to the same shit, you know like, the only newer bands or newer things I’ve gotten, I got the new Danko Jones record which I think is amazing, and I still listen to Alice Cooper, Kiss and Hanoi Rocks, things like that, so there’s really nothing new that’s came out that I like. 


Rachel - Just out of curiosity, what was your day job in the beginning when you were with the FDQ? 


Wednesday 13 - I delivered magazines, and I drove a big truck. I got up at 5 in the morning, it sucked. 


Rachel - I’d like to use this opportunity to say to you, for me ‘I Love To Say Fuck’ is one of the best songs in the story of rock, so thank you for that song! 


Wednesday 13 - Haha..  thank you. 


Rachel - Can I drop some names of different people here and you tell me the first thing that comes into your mind?


Michael MonroeGreat guy.

Bela LugosiDead guy. But, great actor, hahaha..

Alice CooperReally really cool person.

Twisted SisterOne of my favourite bands.

Nikki SixxAwesome guy.

Stephen KingVery strange looking man but great story teller.

Vincent PriceOne of the best, one of the best actors I think, of that genre of movies.

Tim BurtonBrilliant, brilliant dude and I don’t know what’s in his fucking head but he’s weird and awesome.

Marilyn MansonI have a lot of respect for the guy, he brought the devil to the mainstream and no one had really done that yet, so I appreciate that.

David Allan Coe: The fucking long haired son of the South, awesome. 


Rachel - Is there anything at all you wanna say right now, that comes to your mind.. 


Wednesday 13 - I just wish to say thank you to my fans, you know, I can’t do it without you guys, you’ve been supporting me and for that I’m here, so thank you. 


Rachel - Can I be a roadie in your next tour? 


Wednesday 13 - Oh you won’t make any money and you will have to sleep underneath the bus.. hahahaha..  



Rachel - Now the last question would be, Wednesday what do you think about Thursdays? 


Wednesday 13 - They’re.. they’re the next day. Yes. 


Thank you Wednesday 13, for the time and for the amazing show you and your band played later that night. We love you morgue than words can say!!! We hope to see you soon live again and pray that Ben Stiller does a cameo in your future comedy flick! 


Video's of the interview below



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Weirdo A Go-Go myspace page:

Bourbon Crow myspace page 


Interview by Rachel , 3.04.2009

All pics by NoClassPhoto

A special thanks to Jen @ Global Music Ltd

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