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At 6pm walking up Camden High St., already a long queue of excited teenage ghouls, mostly sitting down or standing, waiting for the Electric Ballroom doors to open for the nights show, even though it was still about two hours left for them to open. 

When we walked in right before the show started, the venue was almost full and although most of the audience seemed to be Wednesday 13 fans, there were also several people with The Chelsea Smiles tees on.


The Chelsea Smiles  - The band started the show with a high powered no bullshit set all full of new songs off their last cd, "The Chelsea Smiles", which came out last week and some off their previous cd and ep as well. The whole gig was by far too short for me, but fortunately very very intense. Todd Youth played guitar like a bad motherfucker, Skye was a fucking rocking frontman, stepping onto the stage beer in hand and ready to scream and yell, now that the band are a five piece instead of the usual four, with Todd doing backing vocals as well. The whole band are a full compact rock n roll bullet of electric sound and guitar ridden melodies that shoot straight into your head and the rest of your body. Oh what a fucking great show it was man!! They ended the show with the cover of Michael Monroe's "Dead, Jail Or Rock N Roll"...  how much perfect could this get? Well even more! Todd then set his guitar on fire, Jimi Hendrix style and then proceeded to smash it to pieces against the floor. Good! Hey, if you're into real punkrock, go buy their cds and listen to them, enjoy them live every time you can, or be a moron!


Glamour Of The Kill - Then along came Glamour Of The Kill, an English band from Yorkshire, a kind of horror/metal/punk style, if you need to put a tag on it, they worked hard during their set and had a lot of the audience very much into them, which is a big thing taking into account they still are pretty new to this and have just one EP out for now. A very interesting band putting on a good rock show, we hope to see you soon again guys!


Wednesday 13 - And after a brief pause, the headliner, Wednesday 13 and his band, took on the stage most spectacularly! A beautifully, horrid freak stage show, a truly amazing performance from the entire band, so good to see Wednesday 13 playing guitar again since the last time I saw him. This may have been the last of 15 shows in a row but they didn’t seem to be tired or exhausted at all, on the contrary they were rocking like motherfuckers too, to be true, putting on a really really good show, impeccable everywhere you looked. The crowd all went nuts immediately, and moshpits started to begin. The setlist, a true pleasure for any long-time Wednesday 13 fan, we rocked out to "197666",  "Bad Things", "Die My Bride", " From Here To Hearse", and many more. Wednesday 13 is a great frontman and the show was a total high. It finished too soon though, if it were up to me, I would like three hour Wednesday 13 concerts anytime please! The end of course was a woooooonderful "I Love To Say Fuck", a classic amongst classics, a jewel, a masterpiece!! Oh yes indeed!! The introduction to the song was Monty Python's genius definition of the word fuck, and then boom, everyone middle finger in the air and celebrating how much we love to say fuck indeed, as we partied and laughed singing along to the hilarious lyrics of the song.

And then, the show ended, with Wednesday 13  throwing his white guitar up in the air and smashing his microphone as Mister Trioxin, the absolutely awesome bassist, smashed his bass against the stage floor as well. We all wanted more, but it was impressive, most impressive, as usual. These guys need to tour even so much more often and extensively, c'mon!

A perfect night with a perfect set of bands in the perfect place, we left wanting more, but set off to get drunk instead.



Many thanks to Jen @Global Music, Todd, Wednesday and Roger. And to Mel of course, and to Lorraine who I was supposed to meet that night, only to end up passed out somewhere instead with a bunch of drunk assholes. To the guy who was giving me the free beers, the guy who sold me that goddamn pair of boots that morning while I was in a dubious state of mind and to the stupid lil' whiny bitch at the World's End's toilets who made me see that night how boring toilet catfights are anymore hahaha, and to the London Borough of Camden too.... and the fucking goddamn Queen's ass too! 


Review by Rachel

Photos by NoClassPhoto

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