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Tonight is the first date of "White Lies" UK Winter tour, and the Bournemouth O2 Academy is bustling with a huge excited crowd looking forward to the nights events. "Violens" a five piece band  from New York have the privilege of opening the show and they do their best to entertain, despite some equipment problems they put in a fine performance with  their guitar based indie sounding material. They offer the crowd a free 14 track album to download entitled the "Winter Mixtape" which can be found here : . The set ends with a huge mess of guitars being played a full pelt with Jorge Elbrecht (lead vocals/guitar) and Myles Matheny (guitar/vocals) bouncing off each other, clearly really enjoying what they were playing. I really didn't know quite what to make of "Asobi Seksu" when they took to the stage, they comprise of  Yuki Chikudate (Vocals/Keyboards), Larry Gorman(Drums), Billy Pavone(Bass) and James Hanna (Guitar), their sound is a mix of the sounds from the 90's shoegazing scene taking influence from the likes of bands such as "My Bloody Valentine", "Ride" and "Slowdive" mixed with Yuki's Japanese influenced sound with vocals in both Japanese and English. They together create a very inventive original sound with the live performance sounding impressive with the guitar effects and thundering bass lines. Throughout their set they really began to grow on me as they slowly put all of their elements of the music together with ambient sounds and strobe lighting. The Bournemouth audience were obviously impressed as the band got a great reception as they left the stage.
Just before the main attraction takes to the stage, the crowd are  jostling around moving closer to the stage to get the best view of the band, "White Lies"  take to the stage and kick off with "Farewell To The Fairground" with seemingly everybody in the place singing along, there is pandemonium at the front in the crowd as everybody in the front few rows try and dance in their confined spaces.
Fresh faced lead vocalist and guitarist Harry McVeigh puts his silver mirrored telecaster guitar through it's paces much to the delight of the adoring audience. A curtain at the back of the stage gives way to reveal rows and rows of television and theatre style spotlights which give great effect over the darkened stage. The crowd are treated to early non-album track "You Still Love Him" and during the encore a surprise cover of the Talking Heads song "Heaven" . The best reaction of the night is saved for the single "Death" which despite it's title proves to be a very positive and uplifting track with the audience all singing along the chorus "This Fears got a Hold on Me", the rear of the stage has flumes of dry ice shooting up into the air in front of the rows of spotlights which creates a great effect and looks quite spectacular. Despite being only early on in their career and with only their debut album released  "White Lies" have become a true contenders and have their "difficult" second album to create which will move the band up to the next level without a doubt.
Farewell To The Fairground,Taxidermy, E.S.T.,Price Of Love,You Still Love Him
To Lose My Life,A Place To Hide, Fifty On Our Foreheads,Nothing To Give,Unfinished Busines,Heaven (Talking Heads Cover), From The Stars,Death

White Lies- Taxidermy

 White Lies- Heaven(Talking Heads Cover)
Reviewed by Dave Chinery(Chinners)

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