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Georgey King with his black rimmed spectacles resembles a younger version of TV's  "Dr Who" David Tennant, Georgey has the job of opening tonight's show, armed with just an acoustic guitar and his voice.Georgey from Southampton performs a short collection of his own self penned tracks including a touching ditty called "I Love you says it all" which has few of the locals in the audience singing along.
Photo: Fight The Empire
In a preverbal acoustic sandwich "Fight The Empire"  take to the stage with a huge increase in volume, this 3 piece again from Southampton have some great metal guitar rifts and certainly know how to entertain. Their new single "In With the out Crowd" is performed with huge amount of energy, lead singer "Leo Dagger"showing all the attributes of a great frontman along with an extremely animated bass player "Grizzly T". The acoustic pairing of "Davey Death" from metal band "Glamour of the Kill" and his guitar tech "Sam Graves" who fronts a band that supported Aiden "One Last Breath" is almost a marriage mad in heaven. It was not one that was billed on the promotion posters , however a very welcome addition,  once again just armed with acoustic guitars Davey and Sam offered some really brilliant entertainment that got the vast majority of the Joiners crowd singing along with a couple of well chosen covers the ever popular "Always by Bon Jovi and the more recent "I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry. Their banter on stage was priceless leaving everybody in the audience with a huge smiles on their faces.
Photo: Davy Death
Davey Death band returns to Southampton in November with his band "Glamour of the Kill" supporting "Dragonforce" at the Guildhall. Davey + Sam completed their set with a hilarious and X-rated love song called "My Heart Belongs to You" which has every body in stiches of laughter.
Photo: Wil Francis
Based in Seattle, USA  "Wil Francis" seems to get a huge amount of pleasure from performing in the UK, after recent tours with his band "Aiden" and a tour with his alto ego "William Control" he is back on his own this time for a set of very special one man acoustic shows. Wil took to the stage, that was bathed in darkness except for a few candles to create mood lighting, he invited the audience to gather around him on stage which gave the place an even more intimate feel. To start with it seemed like it was going to be a fan requestfest with everybody shouting out for their favourites, this was not to be as he proceeded to perform  was a selection of great covers "Drain You"(Nirvana), "Lori Meyers" (NOFX) and an amazing version of Morrissey's Everyday is like Sunday. There was also a few unreleased never heard gems from the 70 or so songs he has wriitenl, one such track was an outtake from the William Control album called "Devil's Holiday" which showed his voice was in fine form and as deep and dark as ever. The banter continued in-between songs with conversations about his band "Aiden's" difficult financial situation at the moment and the imminent birth of his first child in a few weeks time. The set ended with a great emotional version of  "London Town" from the William Control "Hate Culture" album, a track that everyone around him on the stage was begging him to play from the start. A great end to an awesome evening which leaves everybody wondering what style of entertainment "Wil Francis" can come up with next.

Everyday is Like Sunday( Morrissey Cover)
Lori Meyers. (NOFX cover)


Review/photos & videos by Dave Chinery(Chinners)