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Wil Francis formed William Control because he was interested in making music that didn't match the style of his other band, Aiden, the dark alter ego returns to Southampton, after the 1st frantic gig at the slightly smaller Hampton's venue in November 2008 and an acoustic adventure here at the Joiners in September 2009, he's back with a second album 'Noir' the follow up to 'Hate Culture'. There are a whole bunch of excited fans awaiting his arrival on stage, many of them have used the opportunity to dress up in all sorts of Halloween style costumes with lots of exaggerated make-up. There are four support acts to entertain before the main attraction arrives, the first of these is '4 Weeks In-between'  who are a very young 5 piece from locally in Southampton and when I say young they must all between the ages of 12-15 especially the drummer who is possibly the youngest I have ever seen play a gig, despite their age they have bags of confidence and put in a great spirited show, impressing much of the audience which included some of their very proud parents.
Fight The Empire are regulars here at the Joiners and lead vocalist Leo Dagger does his best to warm up the crowd with a solid powerful performance with some great songs such a 'Shoot To Kill' and 'In With The Out Crowd' . The powerful twin guitar rock sound over Leo's well delivered vocals give the crowd something to dance to and a small circle pit forms in front of the stage towards the end of their impressive short set. The Light Divided are another local rock band from the South coast who have been working very hard building a name for themselves, the four piece have all the right ingredients to get through and make it, they have well crafted songs and they perform with a confident determined style. Tonight's crowd are hard to please, Dave, Chris, Dan and Danny give there all pushing hard through the fantastic vampire themed track   'Bad Blood' coupled with 'Point 9' ending with a guitartastic 'Heavy Now' and 'Not In Love' which gets a great positive reaction from the crowd.

The night was going really well up to now and I am not quite sure what the promoter was thinking, a DJ and a rapper called ' Mavericks' arrived on stage and after about 5 minutes of their performance the place had completely cleared with most people going outside for some fresh air as it was such a hot night, it was obvious from the style of their music they were not really suited to playing to this type of audience, thankfully after around 15 minutes they left the stage to make way for William Control. As the intro music started, the place began to fill up and by the time it had finished the place was packed, the band arrived on stage to a great welcome including lots of screaming from the girls, the place is in darkness with very little light with only the flashes from camera's gives us glimpses of the band. Wil certainly knows how to whip up a crowd and he is all over the stage and jumping in and out the audience giving the fans just what they wanted, he has a massive stage presence with a certain amount of arrogance openly flouting the non smoking law. The songs from the new album come across really well especially 'Dorian Gray' and 'I'm only Human Sometimes, they are played partly from an Apple Mac and with a two live musicians Neil Wiggins on bass and Kenneth Fletcher on Guitar . The show is stopped half way through so a chap in the audience can propose to his girlfriend, the guys pops the question and after a few nervous moments she agrees, the band congratulate them and all agree love is a wonderful thing. After a hot sweaty hour and a quarter the set comes to a close with Wil again jumping off the stage into the adoring audience where he stayed lapping up all the adulation and hype that follows him around where ever he goes.


Set list
All Due Restraint
Beautiful Loser
My Lady Dominate
Dorian Gray
Why Dance With The Devil
The Whipping Haus
Razor's Edge
I'm Only Human Sometimes

Dave Chinery(Chinners)

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