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My first ever Wire gig! Didn’t catch them years ago- no idea why. Hadn’t been to the Scala before either. We ventured to a pub on Pentonville Road but left quite quickly - nearly £8 a round! Arranged to meet Lynda & Simon elsewhere but huge queue at venue door tempted us straight inside.

Our friends arrived shortly so we hung round the downstairs bar area. Simon popped into the packed room where supports had played (missed them both) and we all followed to take our places. Wire appeared just after 9.30pm dressed in black.  Guitarist Bruce Gilbert departed a while ago, leaving Robert Gotobed/Grey on drums, Colin Newman vocals/guitar, Graham Lewis bass & a new young female guitarist Margaret Fielder, of PJ Harvey fame. Phil & I stood by the stairs. Bad idea- people needed to get past. After a bit we made our way to the balcony. The atmosphere was noticeably friendly with quite a gentle crowd…someone actually let me nick his place so I leaned right over for great view. 

A good mix of old (‘Lowdown’, ‘Pink Flag’) and new (‘One of Us’, ‘Mekon Headman’) material got the crowd going. One bloke behind constantly yelled for ‘Reuters’. His wishes weren’t granted although three short encores pleased everyone. An 11pm curfew brought the gig to a very unwelcome end. We headed out to another pub for a couple more hours. Aargh… knew those extra drinks would do me no good at-all!


Photo’s by Phil Guild

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