Mudkiss is now an archived site, there will be no more updates. Mudkiss operated from 2008 till 2013.


Please read our last update:

We are primarily a music based webzine with a select team of conscientious writers, reviewers and photographers, all with different levels of experience, but the glue which holds us all together is that we love music with a passion and want to share our views with you and discover new music in the process.

We have conducted interviews, review live shows, festivals, theatre, events, exhibitions, review new music releases, review the latest music related books, and the occasional special features. The Mudkiss team are not just interested in talking to the music makers, we also relish the opportunity to mingle with artists, poets, writers, tattooists, designers, and photographers. We love outrageously interesting people, unsung shakers, movers & groovers, the weird, wonderful, worldly wise, tinged with a touch of anarchy and rebellion.

Mudkiss Photography is another string to our bow, which is another diversion by our Editor Mel. Check out her full photo sets here: We endeavour to photograph all the shows we review. We may offer to photograph you to accompany one of our selective in depth and juicy interviews.We can get a bit like that, we like to get right into your soul. We could also arrange a photoshoot with your band or model, or even photograph your gig, or an event, but this would need to be discussed further by e-mail

Please contact Melanie Smith for all enquires:

In addition to our own research, and personal interests we have worked alongside some of the finest PR & record labels around (too numerous to mention here).

We have been lucky enough to have press accreditation for several great music festivals: Louder Than Words festival, Damanation, Bingley Live 2013, Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia, Parklife Festival, Salford Music festival, Rebellion Punk Festival, Boomtown Fair, Liverpool Sound City, Leeds Live, Cambridge Folk Festival, Dot To Dot, Nice & Sleazy, Chester Rocks, Constellations Festival Leeds, Hop Farm Festival, Ben & Jerry's Double Scoop Festival, Cloud 9 festival, Haigh Music Festival, Rochdale Feelgood Festival, Bingley Music Live, and Warrington Music Festival.

Ok, enough of that lets introduce you to the main players....


Mel opened the gates to the Mudkiss empire in the summer of 2008 after originally collaborating with Lorraine Reeves on My Space. She is the KISS in Mud - Kiss, which is taken from her online nickname Soulkiss) No stranger to a long musical history, having explored a range of exciting chapters, from "75 Northern soul'er to teenage Bowie/Roxy chick, a wild child "77 punk, and a vibrantly attired ‘New Romantic’. Later a hint of the Glam scene, a dash of rock, a touch of rave, and a trip around the indie circuit. Having an eclectic taste in music she continues to cruise along on her musical voyage of discovery and you’ll find her in the photo pit at many of the shows. Photography is her passion, so its either a photoshoot, or a live gig. Not content to just being behind the lens, she also oversees the whole operation of the site, occasionally conducts interviews, and review shows and answers press, or band queries. So, I guess you could say she is the Boss Lady and a jack of all trades.




Not forgetting our Lorraine (the face on the Mudkiss banner - the MUD in Mud - kiss) who originally teamed up with Mel to create Mudkiss Fanzine on the social networking site Myspace. Mel progressed this to website format and the rest is history. Lorraine indulged her love of expressive writing, in her own inimitable fashion, with a heady cocktail of humour and honesty. Never to be ignored, vivid and passionate, a mix of old Hollywood glamour, the heart and soul of a rebel with colourful tattoos. She has been quiet on the writing front for a while but she still remains a great Mudkiss icon and friend...and the door is always open for her to return. 


Brighton based Eva had been with Mudkiss for about a year and the time had come when we needed an Assistant Editor to cope with the heavy demands of running a busy site and we couldn't think of anyone else for the job but this effervescent, music fanatic. She gets her kicks by going to as many gigs as she can and has a passion for discovering and promoting new music talent. She even has time to run her own music blog site - check it out here: Music Gets Me By.
Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our former Managing Editor Andy in October, after three great years of contributing to the Mudkiss management - thank you Andy for all your support during this time. Andy is now concentrating on the radio show.

We have had many contributors to Mudkiss over the years, with some being more regular than others. There are some who dip their toes in and out, and some who regularly contribute in different ways. We have some who enjoy the photography angle, and many who enjoy to write new music reviews or show reviews/events, and even interviews, or books. Everyone who writes for Mudkiss is valued and appreciated. We've had everyone contribute from all walks of life, and from all ages, from known writers to students. And we would like to thank the following people for their contributions over the years.  If we have missed anyone out do let us know.

Jake Al-hilali, Gareth Allen, Matt Johnson, James Lowther, Svenja Block, Anna Johanna, Stuart Kristensen, Philip Howe, Paul Holloway, Haili Hughes, Dan Woolfie, Eva Jostakova, Mary O'Meara, Brett Dunford, Paul Hastings, Mike Ainscoe, Jake Breeze, Steve Kedie, Den Browne, Phil King, Nigel Cartner, Chumki Banerjee, Shay Rowan, Teddie Dahlin, Helen Donlon, Lee McFadden, Steve Perks, Callum Barnes, Josh Nicol,  Lucy Holt, Les Glover, Pete Cunliffe, Fishbone Glover, , Liz Lacey, Laura Everett, Jeffrey Munday, Les Glover, Shell Zenner, Jeremey Gluck, Joanne Poole,Tim Verhaegen, Danni Matthews, Alex [Mystery Flame], Dick Porter, Rachel Fernandez, Dave Chinnery, Jean Encoule, Kris Needs, Dan Clark, Doug Watson, Hawk, Shelley Guild, Andy K, Ash Corner, Mick Thompson, Brian Mackie and Ken Smith.

A special thanks to Dwayne Mourner for some of the artwork and supporting us along the way.

Check out Mudkiss Photography portfolio with live shows - photoshoots and much more.