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53 degrees is part of the college, a relatively new building with ample parking, that has the look of a leisure complex. Inside the main hall, the set up is a very modern looking venue, split level with a capacity of around two thousand, and I was informed that ticket sales weren't that far off sold out for this particular gig. It was a very windy night in the heart of Preston and an excitable crowd, predominantly women, gather to see their original Prince Charming, the man himself, Adam Ant. Fronting his band 'The Good The Mad And The Lovely Posse'. After many years in the wilderness, I'm assuming a lot of the devoted gathering are hopeful that he's still got what it takes. Once inside the music playing over the PA, as we entered, was mainly 50's and 60's rock n roll, several appropriately dressed ladies taking full advantage of this, dancing and jiving, while the place was still relatively quiet, but during which the venue filled, and the crowd took shape.

Over recent months, Adam's shows have boasted up to two or three support bands but tonight, as the house lights dim and the theme tune rang out from The New Seekers 60’s hit “hey there Georgie Girl”, impressive stage lights spring into life, we are treated to the visual delights of just the one, all girl band 'Georgie Girl and her Poussez Posse'. Not a bad little band, and yes I know that's patronising but what the hell, my shoulders are broad enough......consisting of drums, bass, and guitar with the, much publicised, Granddaughter of Andrew Sachs (yes the one linked to Jonathan Ross' sacking), Georgie girl on vocals, is all pout and pose, but lots of fun, mixing originals numbers, 'When did you last have sex', complete with its witty crab and Chlamydia references, with covers like, 'Addicted to love'. A good set and well executed but I wish the four beauties would have let their guard down, just a couple of times, and smiled, just to warm the cockles on a cold winter’s night.

And so, the stage is set for the return of the Dandy Highwayman, and as the lights fade, the dry ice bellows from the wings, the band strike up the opening chords of Plastic surgery. On strolls Adam to rapturous applause, dressed as the original Captain Jack Sparrow, still stunningly handsome and compelling. Adam struts around the stage with relative ease and, from what I can see, his seductive moves still seem to hit the spot with the ladies, causing several around me to lose themselves and regress, back into their teens. ‘Dog Eat Dog’, ‘Beat My Guest’ and ‘Kick’ follow, before stalling for ‘Car Trouble’, while  Adam, straps on a guitar, and shows how diverse and influential the earlier Ants records were. Long before the Arctic Monkeys were twinkles in their respective parent’s eyes.

Following Ant Invasion, the band were joined onstage by support band vocalist Georgie for ‘Deutscher Girls’ and the first of many back up vocals and figure hugging costume changes. 'Stand And Deliver', 'Puss In Boots', 'Kings Of The Wild Frontier', the hits came thick and fast, and it was hard not to give credit where it's due to an entertainer who, for a few years, unlike many bands today, actually entertained! New song, ‘Vince Taylor’, one of the stand out tracks of the night, sets the bar high for  Adam's forthcoming album the unusually titled 'Adam Ant Is The Blueblack Hussar In Marrying The Gunner's Daughter'. The Good the Mad and the Lovely Posse are an excellent band comprising of guitarist, bassist and two drummers (male and female). Reproducing everything, from the early Burundi beat influenced songs, to the pop hits with comparative ease and skill, and as tight as they come. ‘Ant Music’ sent the crowd into a virtual frenzy which stayed for the remainder of the set finishing with 'Lady' and 'Fall In'. ‘Lady’ being about a certain experienced older woman Adam met whilst filming ‘Jubilee’, leaving much to the imagination of what actually happened during this particular encounter!......The frenzy continued throughout the six song encore, including an excellent renditions of the old T. Rex numbers, 'Get It On' and '20th Century Boy' and finishing with 'Physical'. The crowd just stood, still on a high, and hoping that there was still more to come, but as the house lights grew brighter, their hopes of anymore dimmed. So it's time to unplug your Ipod and do us all a favour, If your music's lost its taste well, try another flavour..........Adam Ant put in a good performance tonight and gave a devoted crowd a lot to consider. Was it a triumph? Yes, did he stand and deliver? Very much so, and would they do it all again soon? .........most probably!

Set list:
Plastic Surgery
Dog Eat Dog
Beat My Guest
Ants Invasion
Deutscher Girls
Stand and Deliver
Puss'n Boots
Catholic Day
Kings Of The Wild Frontier
Vince Taylor
Whip in My Valise
Desperate but not Serious
Never Trust A Man (With Egg on his Face)
Goody Two Shoes
Vive le Rock
Christian D'or
Lady/Fall in


Red Scab
Prince Charming
Get it On
20th Century Boy

Physical (You're So)


Review by Les Glover
Photos by Mel

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