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Governed by a philosophy that identified a lull in guitar based indie rock n roll music, Stoke based quartet, ‘All The Young’ have exploded onto the scene throughout 2011 with a riveting sound that is a continuation of the bands that graced the genre throughout the millennium.

Since April, it’s been an exceedingly busy period for the Dooley brothers – frontman Ryan and bassist Jack - drummer Will Heaney and guitarist David Cartwright, with several dates being successfully completed and more already booked, creating a new found hype, buzz and lease of life about the band, formerly known as ‘New Education’. Their values stem from the typical roots of a bands statement, namely, coming from obscurity, singing about something better than the lives they’re used to in a raw, soulful fashion.

Lively and energetic onstage, the whole band are animated, especially the guitar players, which overspills into the crowd, who are equally as pumped and vibrant. Top buttons on shirts are fastened and Brylcream smoulders their hair, epitomising a new wave of UK indie fashion. They are an honest, old school British, indie rock n roll band, with a simple, yet effective style that doesn’t try to be anything alternative or grossly different. The tracks predominately focus on feel good indie melodies and lyrics, the type to gee up a young household before a big night out or pull the larger crowds at festivals to a rip roaring, fist punching, blazing rampage, that could in time become the nation’s next played anthems. Alternatively, they can diverse to tunes that have immense, longer, echo-like, powerful guitar solos, played with sublime ability, with Ryan Dooley’s vocals projecting and oozing, by his own admission, a new found self-belief and attitude, which shines through in each song.

They have a great chemistry and harmony onstage, and even though they’ve only burst onto the scene recently, they look like they’ve been performing together to big audiences for years. There was enough people here tonight, amongst the upbeat atmosphere to advocate their popularity as large portions of the crowd bellowed along to the words. On this performance, they have the tools to command a large following, appealing to a wider demographic. I think their style suits the commercial part of indie rock n roll, and having already supported ‘Morrissey’ and ‘The Courteeners’, I predict 2012 will see ‘All The Young’ soar to more success.

Review by Nigel Cartner

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