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Posted by Melanie Smith on January 16, 2013 at 12:25 AM

Mudkiss are back in the saddle and ready to ride into 2013 once more with vengance....keep watching, reading and playing it loud!


Sean Lakeman & Kathryn Roberts: The Ballad Of Sean & Kathryn - Interview by Mike Ainscoe

Tommy Kessler: Blondie Is A Band! -Interview by Melanie Smith

Damn Vandals: ‘You can walk past it if you want, ignore it, but it’ll just come back again’ Interview by Eva Jostakova

Mick O'Shea: The Anarchy Tour - Interview by Helen Donlon

The Virginmarys: We want to write songs and albums that will stay with people forever - Interview by Eva Jostakova


Snakes In The Grass: The Year Of The Snake - Interview by Melanie Smith

Collibus: Re -Formed, Refreshed, Resurgent And Ready To Rock - Interview by Andy Barnes

Little Sparrow: …“There's A Door We Find And We Start To Dream" - Interview by Melanie Smith /Shay Rowan


The Bronx/ Single Mothers/ Axis Of @ Club Academy, Manchester 19/02/13


Jake Bugg/ Valerie June/ Hudson Taylor @ HMV Ritz, Manchester 14/02/13

Parlour Flames @ The Deaf Institute, Manchester 10/02/13

Snakes In The Grass/ The Black Bullets @ The Boulevard, Wigan 09/02/13


Pure Love/ The Vestals/ Turbogeist @ 53 Degrees, Preston 10/02/13

NME Awards Tour 2013 - Django Django/ Palma Violets / Peace/ Miles Kane @ Manchester Academy 08/02/13


Heavens Basement @ The Star & Garter, Manchester 8/02/13

Folks/ The Merrylees @ The Deaf Institute 02/02/13

Heavens Basement @ The Vault, Rugby 05/02/13 - Review by Paul Hastings

ROMANCE/ The Priscillas @ Some Weird Sin Club Buffalo Bar, London 25/01/13 - Review by Svenga Block

Nell Bryden  The Ruby Lounge, Manchester 31/01/13 - Review by Mary O'Meara

Rebekka Karijord @ The Ruby Lounge, Manchester 17/01/13

Coronation Street 1977 Live! @ Lass O Gowrie 04/01/13 - review by Shay Rowan


I Am: Film Screening @ Printworks, Manchester 24/01/13

Keith Levene's all time top ten [12] Albums At The Moment - Interview by Melanie Smith

Keith was asked if he would compile a list of his top ten albums of all time. A difficult task for anyone, but with much thought he came up with this surprising list comprised of not ten but twelve albums! We chatted about his choices via skype, all the way from a sun-drenched Florida and here is what he came up with and it goes something like this....

Happy New Year: Looking Back at 2012

 My Year In Photos by Melanie Smith



Single of the month: Talanas - Corpseflower

Album of the month: Johnny Marr - The Messenger - Review by Mary O'Meara

All aboard for February releases - by Brett Dunford, Kate Seard, Jared Jones

  • Snakes in the Grass - Snakes in the Grass E.P
  • Bastard Jet - Bastard Jet EP
  • Man the Machetes - Idiokrati
  • THENEWNO2 - Beautiful Creatures OST
  • Alan Bonner – Balladeer
  • Rebecca Pronsky - Only daughter
  • Nightmare Air - High In The Lasers
  • Glowpeople - Things…
  • The Bronx – The Bronx IV
  • Heavens Basement - FilthyEmpire
  • The Ok Social Club - Nothingin Common
  • The Motor Inns - RoomsBy the Hour EP
  • Richard Thomson - Electric

Chumki Banerjee's Single & EP reviews....‘Turning Broken Glass To Diamonds, Bar Stools To Thrones’: 2013, Year Of Musical Alchemy

  • Feldspar- ‘The Flat And Paper Sky Vol. II’, EP
  • Race Car Hearts- ‘TenderViolent’, EP
  • Sam Forrest- 'Silo', EP
  • China Shop Bull- '9 Lives', Single
  • Syd Arthur- ‘Dorothy’, single
  • Heavy Petting Zoo- 'See You In Hell, Candy Boys', EP
  • The Hidden Revolution- 'Useless Noises', EP
  • Franco & The Dreadnought- 'Last Man Standing'
  • Mr Fogg- ‘Tightrope’, Single
  • ON AN ON- ‘The Hunter', Single
  • Bleed Electric- 'This Is My Masterpiece', EP
  • City Reign- ‘Ahead of Ideas’, Single
  • The Tricks- '49 Mercury’, EP
  • The Dusk- 'Falling', EP
  • Darwin and the Dinosaur - 'Romulus', EP
  • Red Bird Sky- ‘stories’, Single
  • London Commands You- 'Truth', Single
  • Bullet For My Valentine- ‘Temper Temper’, Single
  • Crash & The Coots- 'John Coles Park', EP
  • NAKED (on drugs) - ‘Death Dance’, Single
  • The Shindys- ‘Between You And Me', EP
  • Chelsea Wolfe, ‘Prayer For The Unborn’, EP
  • Seasons Collide- Horizons, EP
  • Uncle Paul- 'W@nk The Cat, Feed The Dog', E.P.

Album of the month: Julian Cope: Saint Julian  [re-release] - Review by Lee McFadden

January Reviews: From Andy Barnes, Paul Hastings,Mike Ainscoe and Jared Jones

  • Emperor The Stag - 'Speedwell Drive' EP
  • Lowlands - Beyond
  • Humanfly – Awesome Science
  • The Omega Experiment – The Omega Experiment
  • The Joy Formidable - Wolfs Law
  • The Loyalties - Til The Death of Rock N Roll
  • Cult of Luna – Vertikal
  • Biffy Clyro - Opposite
  • Surgery without Research - Vengeance

The Blog Sound Winners of 2013



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Den Browne Skips A Light Fandango Through Some New Music related books

  • Henry Scott-Irvine: The Ghosts of ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’ - Procol Harum
  • Victor Bockris: Keith Richards - The Unauthorised Biography, New Revised Edition
  • Pete Townshend:Who I Am”
  • Ben Edmonds: “Kill City” Revisited - Confessions of a Fool for the Stooges
  • JMR Higgs: KLF - Chaos Magic Music Money


Mike Ainscoe reviews a couple of books for Mudkiss - A Bit Of Prog?

  • Jon Collins - Marillion Seperated Out....Redux
  • Garry Freedman Do You Wanna Play Some Magic [Emerson Lake & Palmer in concert 1970-1979]
  • David Rees & Martin WebbJethro Tull – The ‘A’ New Day Tapes Vol 1


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