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JUNE - JULY 2010

Posted by Melanie Smith on June 4, 2010 at 4:30 PM

We started into June still reeling with some very sad news indeed - Steve New or Stella as he preferred to be known passed away just after his 50th birthday, he actually died on Bob Dylan's birthday May 24th. I was particularly saddened to hear the news although it wasn't unexpected, as Stella had told me in our phone interview that this could very well be his last interview. He was determined to be there for his son Frank at Christmas and he certainly hung in there, even performing amazingly at the Rich Kids reunion. Kris Needs has kindly composed a fitting tribute for Mudkiss -

WhenI first started Mudkiss Steve New was the one name I always wanted to interview, I managed to track him down on Facebook July 6th 2008, we chatted a while over the next few months. He said he was having chemotherapy, he wasn't that keen to go down the nostalgic route and just wanted to talk about music. He became a little out of sorts as the months went by (understandably so) so I decided the interview might be best left for the time being.

InJune 2009 I was contacted by Mark Jordan who runs the Eric's web site, he wanted to conduct an interview with Stella via Stella's Manager Rhys. I came up with the questions in July but then I was asked did I want to do the interview by phone. Feeling a little nervous speaking to him again after such a long time was daunting but it went ahead and I am so pleased it was a success.

My own regret is that I didn't make it down for one last meeting. I last met and saw him in action on 28thOctober 1978 and I last spoke to him on October 2nd 2009 on the phone to conduct my interview (he sounded exactly as I remembered, softlyspoken and very chatty). When I reminded him that I had last spoken to him over 30 years ago, he laughed and commented " I was just a boy then". He parting words to me were " God Bless Mel"- our deepest sympathy go out to his family and close friends. God Bless Stella - The brightest star. Due to his bravery and unique spirit I dedicated the 'Mudkiss Interviews 2009' book to Steve New. Check out the exclusive tribute by Kris Needs - http/


Please check out my interview with Stella & Beatrice (Beastellabeast|)


June1st - Happy Birthday to Marilyn Monroe who would be (if my maths servesme right) 84 years old if she was still alive today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.

Your Editor had a week of fun in the sun, attending my brothers wedding too - Cyprus to be exact. A good time was had by all - photos on flickr as soon as I am able.

18/06/10 Yet another friend of Mudkiss passed away, last night Sebastian Horsley who I interviewed in 2008 has left this mortal coil. At the moment I am hearing he was found dead in his flat by his girlfriend from a Heroin overdose - but not too sure. Bless Sebastian he was one of a kind and a modern day Oscar Wilde for sure. Check out the interview,  I ask him about his own death and as usual he gives a witty response.

Welcome a new contributor to our review section - Joanne Poole (Band Manager & promoter).



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