Mudkiss is now an archived site, there will be no more updates. Mudkiss operated from 2008 till 2013.


This is the section where we post a few frequently asked questions.

Mudkiss update

  1. What happened to Mudkiss?

    I decided not to update the site anymore and streamline my work, and just concentrate on my photography - which you can find here -

  2. Why did you stop updating the site?

    In reality it just became far too big to manage, like all successful projects it has to be managed efficiently. We were in danger of it being a full time occupation without any pay. Beleive it or not the main players all had full time jobs also.

  3. What next?

    Mudkiss will remain as an archive to some great pieces of work.

    Many of our contributors have blogs or other sites they do/are going to continue writing for.

  4. Any plans to come back at some point?

    Hey never say never!

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  1. Who should we contact to book a promo shoot with my band?

    Please contact Melanie Smith at

    Please state exactly what you require.

  2. Who takes all the photographs on your site?

    We have had many photographers who have contributed over the years, some proffesional, semi-pro and hobbists. All are equally respected by Mudkiss.

    Melanie Smith is the main photographer (Mudkiss Photography)

  3. Where can we see all the mudkiss photos from the reviews or photoshoots?

  4. You took some photographs of our show, could we use these photos?

    Please out of courtesy do not just take them, just contact me on If I have already edited them at a low res for website usage then I will gladly allow you to use them - IF you contact me first.

  5. Do you charge for photoshoots?

    Yes I do - would you play gigs for free?

    I also charge if your asking me to send high res images, which of course need editing to a high standard, which means my time and energy.

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Press questions

  1. Who is in charge at Mudkiss?

    Mel is the sole owner & creator of this website.

    Please note most of us do have paid jobs and we do this for the love of music.

  2. How many hits do you get on the site?

    It varies each month, dependant on who we have covered - but as a rough guide between 6,500 - 8,000 pr 30 days and its growing!

  3. Does your fanzine cover a certain genre?

    Nope we are interested in a very wide spectrum of music, from punk, folk, pop, indie, rock, fact nothing is ruled out.

  4. Are you purely an online magazine?

    Yes, but this means we can get stuff out very quickly via out social network links. We do also have a late night radio show - on Stockports Pure FM.

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  1. Where can we send our music for reviewing?

    Please send us an e-mail in the first instance to

    We prefer digital downloads as they are quicker and easier to distribute to reviewers but if you wish to send a hard copy then we will e-mail you an address.

  2. How might we get an interview in Mudkiss?

    Please write to us with some music links and bio of the band/artist ect.

    We get so many people write to us that we cannot guarantee we can accomodate.

  3. Would you come and review our show?

    If you send us a e-mail, we will put this question out to our team in our private hub on Facebook and see if anyone wishes to come. We can usually provide great photographers alongside a reviewer.We are mainly North West based, but can't come to every show requested.

    Please mail

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  1. I want to write for Mudkiss, how do I go about it?

    Please mail us with some pieces of your work, a blog site link ect and what exactly you'd like to write for us?

    i.e music reviews, live show reviews, interviews, features

    We don't expect you to be churning out proffesional pieces and have a background in journalism to be able to write decent reviews it just needs some thought into what you write.

    We would expect a certain level of committment from you.

  2. How do I get passes for shows?

    We are on the mailing list of a large number of PR companys so generally there is no need to go searching. If you want a particular gig then let us know, we tend to do all the requesting on your behalf.

  3. Do you pay for contributors?

    No, everything we do is for the love of music - we even buy tickets to shows in additon to the free ones. Although nothing is every truly free, we want you to work hard for those free passes. We expect proffesionalism througout.

  4. What do you look for in a reviewer or writer?

    People who can write easily, from the heart with passion for music.

    We are always on the look out for emerging writers, but we ask that you are dedicated and don't mess us around. Time wasters are not welcome in this joint!

  5. When we contribute to Mudkiss can we also use it on our own blog?

    No, what you write for Mudkiss is exclusive to us, but we do not have any objection to you using a line or two on your blog with the link back to the piece of work on mudkiss.

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