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There are bands that are far from ordinary, far from cliché. Many of these bands belong to the underground music scene, making their art for people, who care to go out there and discover music, that’s visceral and most of all, real. Many of these bands ought to be seen live, to really get them. The best thing about these live experiences is the connection made and the lighting of a feeling that hits you once you witness such a band.

And Turbogeist are definitely such a band. About four years ago, Jimmy (vocals, guitar) and Luis (guitar, vocals) started creating a musical path, which has led to the EP extraordinaire - Ancient Secrets, released on March 11th.  Making their way through the London underground scene over the years and causing a stir with their previous single Alien Girl; this now 4 piece band comes back with an exciting five track record. Influenced by 70’s punk and 80’s hardcore, it’s clear that the sound of this record isn’t going to be mellow or boring, but packed with the greatest aspects of powerful and absorbing noise with an original lyric writing.

The EP opens with an ambitious riff in Mermaid’s Revenge, which is a fantasy tale about the fear of being killed by a mermaid siren, as singer Jimmy explained in our last month’s interview. Its heavy, dark and engaging melody harmonizes completely with the vocals and impressive roars, and it’s definitely great enough to get your full attention.

Next track, Zero Friends concentrates on the effects of social networking and people, who live their lives creating relationships on the internet rather than real life. The track bites with its uplifting vibes within the ironic lines of the song.

The explosive anthem Black Hole takes us to a whole new level with its raging guitars and remarkable vocal expressions. Up Front is one of the catchiest tracks on the EP, packed with great amounts of energy fuels. The last but definitely not least, more of a beast of a track - Rats, is an extremely dynamic masterpiece with some highly impressive and ripping guitar riffs, closing up this raw, honest and most of all - outstanding musical work. 

Review by Eva Jostakova 

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