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The enticingly titled debut E.P from L.A’s Black Belt Karate should offer a free pack of condoms such is the pelvic thrusting, sex fuelled glam stomp nature of the five tracks on offer. It really would need a severe case of “Rigamortis” to stop their filthy funked up rock n roll from enticing every limb and beyond into movement.  Volume 1 may be just 17 minutes long, but that’s 17 minutes of squalling aural impregnation, leaving you breathless, reaching for the cigarettes, a wry smile of pleasure on the face with just one thought…..I need more.

 The more up tempo, wicked and depraved “Push” the stand out track, distortion cranked up to the max, the rhythm sextion of Ryan Brown and Harry Ostrem absolutely on fire, although even with pace slowed down within “Building Walls a slow burning intensity still sears from within.  Initial suggestions of a Rolling Stonesesque swagger before the pedal board takes a beating from Jason Achilles Mezelis, his dirty, yet mellifluous sound totally commanding alongside Ryan Hanilf’s honeyed tones. 


‘Volume 1’ closes with the snake hipped cavort of “Kaleidoscope,” if you’ve managed to keep those hips in place til now, at this point they’re gone, trust me.  Be very careful where you listen to Black Belt Karate, the embarrassment factor of sashaying at inopportune moments exceptionally high.


In essence, Black Belt Karate is a super group, part of the high echelons of California’s rock elite and that certainly shows here. ‘Volume 1’ is assured, sassy and downright sonic eroticism.  I’m salivating at the thought of ‘Volume 2’ already.

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