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Awolnation is a name that has been cropping up over and over again over the past few months. Already riding the crest of a wave in the US following the chart success of their first single ‘Sail’, Awolnation are now on a mission to crack the UK market. Armed with tracks from the debut album ‘Megalithic Symphony’ released digitally in March of this year, Aaron Bruno brings his own brand of ‘electro-rock’ to London’s XOYO.

After checking them out I’d leapt at the chance of catching the band live. For a relatively new band there already seemed to be a solid fan base, albeit unaware of Bruno wandering about the packed venue before the set. It was a pretty diverse crowd and I soon came to realise that this was an apt reflection of Aaron’s own eclectic musical influences. Professing to love ALL genres, The Beatles in particular, Aaron himself has one of those classic rock voices that oozes over any style with finesse. ‘Sail’ was positively anthemic, the crowd waving their arms in unison and singing along.

I managed to get the front to video one of my favourite tracks of the night “Soul Wars”. In a melting pot of influences from across the decades Awolnation have cooked up something unique and special. In short this talented young man has managed to do what so many others can only dream of, he has the ability to cross the boundaries and create music that resonates with everybody. Sure, there will always be those who will disapprove of the sight of an Apple Mac on the mixing desk but in terms of live shows that stay with you this has to be one of the best I have experienced this year. It was a nice touch toward the end of the set when Aaron concluded that there would be no encore or “bullshit like that, they weren’t Guns ‘n’ Roses” but they were just going to play on until they were cut. If being diagnosed with ADHD at school means you can go on and create music like this then it’s no bad thing. “Danger pop” or electro rock this band have something for everyone. If you get the chance to see Awolnation I would take it now before they go supernova.

Review/photos/video by Lorraine [Thanks to Warren @ Chuff Media]

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