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No introduction is needed for the first band Deadcuts that make their way on stage, however, I will give them one here. Mark Keds lead singer and guitarist, with his baby face, massive panda eyes, a boyish vixen. Jerome Alexandre, on rhythm guitar and backing vocalist, looks like a vamp don that has just stepped off the set of a black n white horror flick. Mark McCarthy in turn looks like Al Capone ready to shoot anyone that makes a false move. Trevor Sharpe another horror hottie with deep set deadly eyes. The four combined ooze sexuality and charm, spiky hair, make up, demeur sensitivity and passion. I was fortunate enough to get myself up close and personal to the side of the stage. Apparently the standing area of Brixton Academy was sold out and the venue itself holds 5000 people. All I could see head on was a mass sea of people, looking wide eyed in wonder.
Deadcuts quietly stormed on stage to face the pensive and attentive crowd waiting in lust and in trepidation. Fans listened in awe as the band belted into their first song, hard and fast, with precision and grace, 'Without Love We Perish'. This blazing tune is heavy philosophical and romantic at the same time with a punkish twist. The guitars are a gush of raw emotion that rifles at the speed of lightening through your veins, while cutting like a thick, brazen knife. The guitars sound raspy, haunting and electric with a mix of influences from The Clash, Velvet Underground, The Ramones, the Heartbreakers, and the Libertines all rolled into one.
Some of the crowd were already getting into the gist of the vibe and jumping up and down with hands waving in the air from the first beat of the first song. It seems the band already have a cult following which looked apparent as fans up front cheered on. Lyrics “yeah give me more of this, make my heart stop” indeed. Following on with “bitter is regret, surrender is sweet, I pray for jail”. The second song 'Pray for Jail', revealed the history of English guns, from east London facing death, drugs, crime, madness and mayhem in bleak times struggling to be alive. The guitars continue to quiver down your spine as they send chilling chords bleeding through your heart and soul.

Keds is dynamite with his strong, soulful passionate voice full of charisma that kicks like dynamite. The resemblance to Johnny Thunders is remarkable, with a touch of the Pistols Sid Vicious. But make no mistake these guys are no copycats, they are totally original in their unique deathly come haunting, magnetic, sexy sounds full of fire, chemistry and burning intensity. 'Still Shotting' is a blazing tune, again totally unique as it makes you want to get up scream, dance and storm the stage naked. The contrast in light and heavy sounds builds up to clashing edgy influences. It is hard to say which song is best as each performance breaks into deeper intensity. 'Breaking Up Midnight' brings us back the topic of death, “I’m not scared of dying . . . I could spend more nights like this”. Graveyard scenes, the guitars blazing, Jerome and Mark in sync, the bass player uber smooth, and Trevor Sharpe thrashes out the drums like it’s no bodies business but his.

The audience are glued to the bands every move, very little is said, as they are very tight gliding into each new song. Interestingly, no props are needed for this band either, no gimmicks, just the band which are on fire. Deeply personal lyrics expose a vulnerable side to the dark, edgy, black eyed punks, “the courage I have shown by not running away . . . If I could be anyone else, I’d have learn that by now . . . You are beautiful, I am destructive”. Again images of clashing contraries, dark and light, fuel a sense of raw, bitter Victorian come hither romanticism, storming out of contemporary prophetic souls that have lived loved lost and totally burned the house down along the way leaving a trail of death, destruction and despair.

The boys are all gorgeous to watch, indeed devastatingly beautiful, enchanting with a touch of hedonistic mysticism and witchcraft. 'Dusk Chasers' is a striking delight, and it makes me want to get the album right now! Deeply soul squeezing with an intoxicating bent. The Johnny Thunder lookalikes both with jet back, spiky, hellish just out of bed come fuck me right now hair, have been compared to Peter Doherty and Carl Barat, and it is easy to see why as they feed off each other, as Jerome sings backup to Keds vocals. At one point they nuzzle into each other on stage. 'Split Personality' changes direction, but it is very catchy, still with sirens haunting rippling through your senses. 'Destroy You'', brilliant, simply unique song, dark and broody with the guitars moody, blazing along again. Now, Caution Exorcist' seemed to blow my mind away the most, I loved it! 'Built in Our Way', “rock and roll beautiful stone”. The audience cheers again, louder, and louder “hell yes Deadcuts have won the crowd over who can taste genius and class.

The last song, 'Kill Desire' again, sheer brilliance. For any fans of Libertines, and Babyshambles, Deadcuts are the ones to watch, they were tight, powerful, intense, and on fire, indie rock. They are currently my super favourite band, if you get an opportunity to see them live, don't miss this chance, they are raw in every sense of the word, guitars electrifying, the mood haunting, the sound cuts you fucking veins out and leaves you begging for more, themes of love, loss, death, drugs, demons, destruction, sex, leaves you intoxicated!! Tell me where can I get hold of their CD right now, hell yeah, incredible! Luckily, the band are in the process of creating their LP that Harvey Birrell is producing, which will coincide with the bands website opening. Watch this space for info! Review by PP

I arrive at the Brixton Academy and see Mik Whitnall outside having a cigarette.  It’s 20 minutes to stage time.  The Babyshambles first proper London gig in nearly 4 years. I walk in.  It’s packed.  A sell out.  The backdrop is the Damien Hirst Album Cover Design for “Prequel to the Sequel” the album which was launched 2 weeks ago. Stage time comes and goes (of course!) about 20 minutes. Then Jennie from the Bellstars walks onto the stage and tells us about the charity Matchless Gifts that she and the band are involved in… and then… to a massive roar…. asks us to please…. welcome to the stage…. Babyshambles. 

Here they are:  special “Delivery”: with the floating opening guitar notes, rocking guitar beat and swishing drums, Pete is on cue and the crowd is immediately on his side… and it stays that way. We get nine songs from the new album, but not all in a row.

“I Wish”, a reggae favourite comes next. Then it’s first of the new songs “Nothing comes to Nothing” which the crowd sing along to and adore.  He asks “Hands up, does anybody have to get the last train home? When he saw a few hands he said, “I’d better do this one now then!”  Killermangiro. A crowd pleaser and one of my favourites, too.

At one point he sang a verse from The Jam’s “Down in the Tube Station at midnight.”Some old ‘Shambles tracks follow that. The band look really good on stage.  The new drummer and keyboard player fit in perfectly.  They are not the only newcomers.  During Picture me in a Hospital, they are joined on stage by Billy Bones’ pretty little San Franciscan violin player. Next comes Pipedown and this blends into Fireman.  The crowd go absolutely wild.  Then the treat is a trio of very old Babyshambles songs – Gang of Gin, Loyalty Song and the Killerman B side The Man Who Came to Stay.

They end the set with Minefield from the new album and leave the stage.  The crowd then ask for more and Pete arrives back on stage holding a piece of paper and says to the crowd, “a very kind man has allowed us to do one more song.  What should it be? And the biggest roar goes to Fuck Forever so they finish with that.  As I leave, I think to myself that set was so strong that I didn’t even miss that Albion wasn’t included and it didn’t seem like anyone left early either … it also looked like everyone was going to get their last train home.

Set list:

I wish
Nothing comes to Nothing
Carry on up the Morning
Dr No
Farmers Daughter
Fall from Grace
8 Dead Boys
Picture me in a hospital
Gang of Gin
Loyalty Song
The Man Who Came To Stay
New Pair
Fuck Forever
Review by Gary Loveridge

All photos by Svenja Block

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