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Baxter Dury is definitely a chip off the old block. For people of a certain age he may be recognizable as the young lad who stands side-by-side with his fathers, the late great Ian Dury, on the cover of classic album ‘New Boots And Panties’. But now that kid has recently released his third and most accomplished album, the very lovely ‘Happy Soup’, And it’s to promote this new album that Baxter Dury has landed at the Ruby Lounge to ladle out a hefty serving of the little treasures contained on it.  

Looking dapper in a dark suit and black tie, Dury glides onto the stage with his four-piece band and gets straight down to business with the moody ‘Francesca's Party’ from his ‘Floor Show’ album. It’s played, as the rest of the set is, with genuine unforced fun. The fairly decent turn out is into it from the word go and you can see plenty of people mouthing the words to all the songs played songs this evening, especially the dour observations of  ex-girlfriends, Claire and Isabel. As Baxter and the boys zip through the set it soon becomes evident that the music is a world away from the stuff his father produced. Weirdly some of the analogue synthesizer sounds in the instrument passages remind me of something Stereolab might concoct, though the soft cockney accent that sings the lyrics renders each track a pop gem in its own right. [Video below recorded live in Paris on his recent tour]

Still, if the music is a world away from his dad’s, the one thing he has inherited is a quiet on-stage charisma that keeps the eyes of the audience trained on him throughout the set. Whether this will be enough to move out from the shadow of his father to remains to be seen, but on tonight’s showing he’s definitely moving in the right direction.

Review/photo by Phil King