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The Boom Boom Booms are a band who are bravely fighting against the multi-format/multi-platform and multi genre internet led music business, by embracing the purity and innocence of rock ‘n roll. Unlike some bands, they are not simply entertaining crowds with a bunch of fifties covers. Instead, they have written, performed and recorded a set of original songs with the verve, energy and jump of that original rock ‘n roll attitude.

Here at Mudkiss, we have already reviewed their excellent self titled album. They have now secured a full release for the album on 24th June, so Paul Hastings took the opportunity to catch up with singer Gavin Skelhorn to get some more details on the band.

PAUL: Hi Gavin, can you tell us a bit more about the Boom Boom Booms?

GAVIN: The Boom Boom Booms are made up of guys who essentially love Rock’n’Roll and want to produce new and original sounds whilst retaining the energy and feel of classic records from the past. Although we are based in London the members are from all over the place. Gavin Skelhorn is from Liverpool, Lars Pluto is from New York, Spencer Evoy is from Toronto and Mark Fisher and Spencer Lingwood are actually Londoners. It makes for an interesting mix but when we play music it all just works. Rock’n’Roll is the binding factor.

PAUL: What does music mean to you and how important has it been in your life?

GAVIN: Music is the one thing that keeps you going. It’s what drives us for better or for worse. Being full time musicians isn’t always easy but it’s just something inside each of us that fuels the passion to keep going and producing songs. Whatever happens in your life, music is always there and the guitar is always there to channel your energy in to write songs.

PAUL: How would you describe your sound?

GAVIN: Rock’n’Roll/ Rockabilly with some blues thrown in. Melodic and hooky tunes to have a bloody good dance to.

PAUL: Who would you say are your biggest influences?

GAVIN: Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Stray Cats, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis…anything rockin’ but also bands like The La’s, The Band, Ryan Adams and too many more!

PAUL: The new CD is due out on CD and vinyl, give us some details about the album and most importantly how people can get hold of it?

GAVIN: It’s getting released on UN Wreckerds and distributed by Cargo records. It will be available in most UK record stores and also available in European outlets. The release date is 24 June 2013. It will also be available digitally through online stores such as Itunes.

PAUL: How important is playing live to the band and are there any plans for a full UK tour?

GAVIN: Playing live is essentially what it’s all about. It’s where we all feel most at home. We’re currently planning gigs across the UK for a bit later in the year. Best thing to do is keep tabs on the band at we’re looking for a booking agent at the moment so if anyone is interested get in touch!

PAUL: What are your views on the Rockabilly scene here in the UK?

GAVIN: It’s growing. A few years ago you’d be hard pressed to find any kind of rocking scene on the go. These days, quiffs are everywhere! There is a healthy scene in London with a lot of new bands in the genre. Soon, one of the big labels will pick up on it and it’ll go through the roof. Why? Because it’s different, most of the bands are really good, they all have their own styles and even though the music is based on retro, to the kids that are getting into it now and learning about it, it’s like a brand new thing.

PAUL: Are there any other current bands that you are really in to now?

GAVIN: MFC Chicken are great and The Zipheads are cool too. JD Mcpherson is very authentic and great live.

PAUL: How would you describe the typical Boom Boom Booms fan?

GAVIN: Totally varied. From kids to pensioners, Rockabilly’s to Teds to what we call ‘normal’ fans. They are not really into the scene but really love the music. So our gigs are a real mix of all kinds of people and we like it that way!

It's certainly great to see a band that is prepared to put in the hard work in terms of not just writing their own music but also getting out there and playing to an audience. Whilst technology certainly has a place, there will always be room for a band willing to play good old Rock N Roll. So, if you are keen to support the band and ensure their efforts pay off, then make sure you grab a copy of their CD and watch out for a show near you.

Interview by Paul Hastings
Photos provided by the band

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