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Gorilla is a relatively new venue for Manchester, however, they have already won one bar of the year award. The stage club is actually under the railway arches, and this is evident once you get in there. The curved roof above is covered in lighting and air conditioning rigs in a style that is synonymous with Manchester, where minimal is maximum. The back of the stage looks like the control room of a small power station and the stage is close to the fans.

Since the retirement of Faithless a couple of years ago, there has been a large whole in the market for adult pop.  Clean Bandit have wowed audiences wherever they've been this year, including playing the main stage at Kendal Calling. Described as deep house and baroque pop, it's hard to work out exactly what they will sound like, however, a stage presence of six, with an equal split on the male/female ratio,  four singers (but they're no manufactured group), a cello, a clarinet and a violin, plus a drummer and keyboard player and it's still going to be hard to work out.  All that and there's only six of them.

Clean Bandit are a band that enjoys every minute of their own performance and certainly don't take themselves too seriously. They play through their set in rapid succession. "Dust Clears" is a highlight, with two or three styles of music all rolled in to one, with the violin bringing it all together.  The drums are tight and the vocals make for a great live performance. They also play all three tracks from their EP, available free from their website and even managed a worthy cover of Robin S's "Show Me Love" in the encore before finishing, predictably, with their most well known track, Mozart's House.

This is mixed martial arts for the music world, a band that can pull off dance, reggae, grime and house music all in a single performance, without sounding cheap, all played to an audience of anywhere between 18 and 40 year olds. Check them out now, and get your free EP