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As with any festival, the option to see every band who catches the eye or ear, a physical impossibility, tough decisions need to be made. Looking at the line-up and stage times for this years Damnation Festival proves mouth wateringly monstrous, the quality of extreme bands breathtaking in it's diversity and intensity, a plan of action needed with careful and meticulous thought. 

So here goes, my day at Damnation, if all goes to plan as follows :   

Opening up each of the Eyesore, Terrorizer and Jagermeister stages in nicely staggered fasion are Ravens Creed The Atrocity Exhibit  and Hawk Eyes, playing a home town gig in front of a slavering crowd desperate for their initial blistering sonic fix.


Now, it becomes more complicated, although my desire for a double dose of Black Metal takes precedence at this point with Wodensthrone and Winterfylleth filling that particular void admirably. 


A quick dash required for more local hardcore, this time the intense sound of Blacklisters  . after which another sprint would be required to catch Extreme Noise Terror,  although I hate to admit, more likely a much needed thirty minute break, prior the beautifully textured, progressive tones of Bossk 


Calmed and refreshed, it's back to the fray around the Terrorizer Stage and Norwegian Black Metallers Vreid  and Aura Noir 


The remainder of the evening spent at the Jagermeister stage in the company of the incredibly influential and legendary Bradford Doom Metal pioneers  My Dying Bride


Culminating with enigmatic headliners Electric Wizard  my most brutal of days brought to a close in the most devilishly dark of manner. 


The downside, no time for Belphegor or Pig Destroyer and Amenra. Also missed, Devil Sold His Soul, Textures, Gama Bomb, Primordial, Hang the Bastard, Witchsorrow, 40 Watt Sun and Maybeshewill but hey, catching eleven incredible bands for £32.00, who can really complain and I'm sure you'll have your own ideas of the who best to see.   

A few tickets still available at If you haven't yet purchased, head over now and bear witness a day of extreme music at it's ultimate best.

See you down the front.


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