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It was an early start for Delta as she had to rush off to catch a train down to London for band rehearsals in preparation for the Gary Barlow 40th birthday celebrations next week. There was still a relatively good crowd however who had braved the cold to catch her performance, tonight supporting The Coral. Hers is a gutsy, bluesy voice which is complimented by some wonderfully fluent guitar playing and although this was a short set of just seven songs, still an excellent introduction to her music.
Making her way onto the stage, she had a slightly nervous air, but as Delta broke into the opening line of the title track from the EP “Broken Branches,” this soon disappeared and she proved an engaging solo performer. Between songs, there is a vulnerability that further endears Delta Maid to the audience as she relates stories behind some of the songs. “Any Way That You Want To,” could be construed as being about lost love, but is actually about being bullied while working at Wythenshawe Hospital. “Stop Worrying Baby,” again included an explanation of the lyrical theme, being inspired by a friend’s mid life crisis in their twenties and there was also a beautiful stripped down cover of the Bruce Hornsby and the Range classic “The Way It Is”.

It does appear as though 2011 will be an extremely good year for Delta Maid and the Gary Barlow gig can only help to raise her profile. Keep your eyes and ears open as I’m sure this young lady could be making an appearance on a radio or television near you sooner rather than later.  As if to further highlight her potential future appeal, as I head to MySpace for the link below, who’s image is predominant on the home page with a video Premier being guessed it.

Review by Andy Barnes

Photos by Shay Rowan