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It’s my second show of the week; last night was Plan B at the Apollo, but tonight couldn’t be more diverse. It’s a quiet Thursday evening in Bolton and we are on a quest to locate The Railway pub. We are heading for a rowdy rock night with two bands Die So Fluid and Killing For Company, who are halfway through their UK tour. On arrival we find a quaint country pub, not in the centre of Bolton (that I’d expected) but tucked down a country lane. Great stage and lighting (other venues take note) comfortable atmosphere and merchandise for sale. These guys really know how to set their stall out in an intimate setting. Whilst I didn’t expect it to be a packed out show, it was a pretty good turn out all considering, and a happy crew they were too, but not a lot of moshing around at the front, which makes me happy.

Killing For Company, are the five piece rock band we interviewed last year and the supporting act tonight, so I was keen to see them in action. They were busy munching some food as we entered but informed that at 9pm they would be raring to go. Much later bursting onto the stage they came, introducing themselves – the band from South Wales. (Who formerly had Stuart Cable drumming with them, ex Stereophonics – until he sadly passed away). I had expected ear splitting, heavy rock music – especially as I was stood several inches from the speakers, but what we had was pretty much melodic and the kind of ‘rock’ music I enjoy. Straight from the go get they were high wired for an action packed set, with guitar riffs, lots of swagger and pose. Front man Greg Jones knows how to work the crowd and gets the audience involved by telling them he normally gets the crowd to sing along, and asks them are they up for it. Brimming with enthusiasm and positivity, they glided through their set with ease. They have been taken under their wings by the army of Alarm followers since supporting them last year, and it was evident amongst the crowd we had a few ‘Alarmist’ in the wings.


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The stage is set for the headline band the three piece Die So Fluid, born in 2002, consisting of Grog – Vocals and Bass, Mr Drew – Guitar, and Al Fletcher – Drums. We reviewed them last year, but this was to be my first time, and I was about to find out what was so special about front woman Grog (Georgina Lisee). 

As soon as she strode confidently onto the stage, Vampira sultry and proud, all 6ft or so of her, I knew she was gonna whip some ass in her homage to Joan Jett rubbery looking catsuit, she could be the ultimate rock goddess. She is in fact one of the judges of The Alternative Miss UK in London on May 14th:

As the show got warmed up we soon witnessed a display of assorted classic girl-rock powered moves, hair flips, camera posing and crowd gazing. This woman certainly has the IT factor by the bucket load, and its not a masquerade, she can truly sing and really play that sexy low slung bass. It certainly took a while before the throng of mostly males would venture in front of the stage, and Grog challenges the Men to move forward and not be scared, “don’t be scared of fun”. She spots one guy at the front dancing and flaying his arms around “Let’s play something that rocks, -  you can be our ‘Bez’ character, I like you” She’s warm and friendly and the Railway Children love her! It’s also extremely difficult to tear your eyes away from her, so unfortunately Al the drummer and guitarist Mr Drew are somewhat on the periphery visually, but still belting out the enormous solid backdrop sound mix for Grogs vocals.

The powerful DSF conjured up a heady brew of goth, rock, grunge and metal with passionate glints of eroticism and retro to our by now buzzing ears. They had the crowd fully ignited, camera's poised and videos a whirling all around the front section. They proceeded to race through their set, which consisted of old and new tracks from ‘The World Is Not Big Enough For One Lifetime’ which send the punters home thoroughly delighted. And eagerly looking forward to the next show when it comes their way again. We head to the rear car park, our ears ringing – which continued for several hours later. (I must remember to use those damn ear plugs).





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