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Diva Suicide started as a band in 2008, and have moved on quite a bit from the way they were when it all started, having renewed and completely revamped their line-up and outlook. One important and positive change has been welcoming to the band the new Spanish singer XS. She has given the sound a very feminine touch which blends fantastically with their nineties infused brand of refreshing electro-goth songs, which mix a glam rock attitude with some cool guitar riffs and a very haunting rhythm section that is for sure going to keep many a fan of underground cybergoth sounds pretty interested.
They are currently receiving rave reviews in the rock worlds press. Do not miss these lot and get their brand new cd “Scars” I had a chat with lovely singer XS about the usual in -depth subjects. So c’mon let’s go:

RACHEL: - Hi XS, to start with I’d like to know, what are your most relevant influences, both musically and of any other kind?

XS: Musically speaking, 30 Seconds to Mars, AFI, 6 A.M. and The Birthday Massacre. And also that kind of books whose theories seem to be part of a fantasy realm but that make you rise questions about lots of things in life!

RACHEL: Why did you decide to become a singer?

XS: Since I was a little girl I already had clear in my mind that I wanted to be onstage singing with my band, no doubts there! So I guess things just followed their natural course...

RACHEL: You are Spanish, right? What city from? When and why did you come to live and have a career in the UK?

XS: Yes, I’m from Barcelona. I was flying to London every now and then and finally came to live here a couple of years ago, to join a music school for some months and also to get in touch with its music scene. One thing followed another one and then I decided to stay!

RACHEL: How do you get inspired to write your songs?

XS: Um, I do nothing special really... It just happens or not... I wish I had a special formula, though!

RACHEL: What’s your opinion on the London Rock/Punk scene these days?

XS: Good question! I think it sucks, unfortunately... The scene is poor and promoters don’t give a shit of the quality of the bands... It’s all about filling their pockets with money and nothing about the music anymore... They put any band on, no matter the quality, and then the band is supposed to bring their friends around in exchange of not even a bottle of water - pretty sad. The problem is that bands accept this and some of them even pay for playing. There’s nothing punk about it, those bands should be on X-Factor instead of helping promoters to damage the music scene.

RACHEL: Do you think London has become mainly an indie rock type of city lately?  You often get defined as an Electro-Goth band; do you still keep getting as much interest from venues for you to play in London?

XS: It has, absolutely. We are receiving offers from different venues to play there but the problem is the same as I said before... We are now focusing in other countries such as Sweden and US where the music scene has a different approach and the interest is more genuine...

RACHEL: Back in the beginning of the band the line up was almost completely different, and the sound has also changed quite a bit. How would you describe it now?

XS: The sound is still changing and the new material we are working with is more hard rock and in your face. The new material sounds heavier and raunchier.

RACHEL: What’s your opinion on the band’s significant evolution and changes, especially you becoming the lead singer? How did that happen? Were you singing with another band before DS?

XS: Changes are always good and the band is going though a good moment with good acceptance from the audience and magazines.

Yes, been in different bands before Diva Suicide. I was friend with the band and when they lost their previous singer they thought I could be the right person and auditioned me. Things went well!

RACHEL: Do you find that music and fashion are strongly related?

XS: Depends on what you mean. If it’s regarding the image, I think it’s really important as it reflects the attitude of the band...

RACHEL: How would you describe your live show, for those who still haven’t been to one?

XS: I think we rock! [smiles] No, seriously, I think our shows are energetic and entertaining to see, in your face and we have loads of fun!

RACHEL: What are the immediate future plans for the band?

XS: We are now working on new material that’ll be on MySpace soon so that’s quite exciting. Also, as I said before, we are focusing in other countries and we’ll be playing abroad pretty soon. That’s even more exciting!

RACHEL: Who is your favourite band right now, the one you listen to nonstop and whose concert you can’t wait to go to!

XS: It’s never one band only, but at the moment I’m listening a lot to Black Rain, Wig Wam and Crashdïet’s new album for example.

RACHEL: And your ipod’s setlist mainly consists of...

XS: I’m always adding new material to it... last one added is the album of this band I saw in LA supporting Steel Panther, Tarsha. You can find some classics there too...

RACHEL: What other leading lady in Rock would you like to sing/play with?

XS: Doro!!!

RACHEL: And, if you had been born a man, who would you have liked to be?

XS: Mmmmmmm... Axl Rose or Bret Michaels, both extremely handsome, awesome singers, with amazing bands and with hot girls always around!

RACHEL: Who do you wanna be stuck in an elevator with?

XS: Nikki Sixx oh yeah!

RACHEL: Final last words for the readers.... and please tell us too about your London live event at Club Antichrist, as part of Europe’s biggest fetish club.

XS: We are really excited about it! The guys have already played there before with their previous bands but not me so yeah, it’s gonna be cool.

RACHEL: Thank you -XS-, look forward to seeing you live and meeting you soon, my best wishes for you and the band!

XS: Thanks! My best wishes for you and Mudkiss too! x

Interview by Rachel 07/05/10
Photos by Alexander Blair