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Backyard Babies are a punk-hard rock band who come from Sweden; they started back in 1987, and have released 6 albums and several singles since.  Now they are in the middle of their European/Japan tour with their brand new record 'Backyard Babies'.

Photo: Oscar Soderlund

Dregen is the band’s guitar player and sings as well and he has found a little time to deal with this in-depth questionnaire situation.


Rachel - Hey Dregen, do you like movies about gladiators?  Do you still believe in R'n'R?

Dregen - I can't really say I’m a fan of gladiator movies.  But my believe in Rock and Roll music is very high.

Rachel - Did you ever get/got the feeling it was/is kind of over (Punk, Rock)? Some people say it died some years ago.

Dregen - It has never and will never die. Punk of course as a movement is in a coma I would say, but rock music is here to stay. It just gets a bit more "attention" in the commercial magazines/Radio/TV every 10 years or so. I hope 08/09 is one of those years.

Rachel - It’s been a long 2 year wait for the fans, but well worth it after listening to the new album, so big congrats here to the band for the effort! Now we want you live on tour like crazy! Are you ready to rock? Any cover song you plan to play live this time that you can tell us about now?

Dregen -Thank you! I'm really glad with the album myself! No, at this tour we have problems to pick out our own songs! A luxury problem though.

Rachel - Don't you think the word 'fuck' is overrated these days? What with everyone wearing belts, pins, t-shirts and everything else with the word written on it?

Dregen - No, not overrated, but I still miss it in the English dictionary.

Rachel - With the new album 'Backyard Babies' are you back to make the faithful keep the faith?  And bring us back that rockin' feeling of excitement prior to a gig that makes you suspect it’s gonna be awesome and brill?

Dregen - We sure will give you awesome and brill!

Rachel - How do you feel about the music business crap nowadays?

Dregen - I think it's interesting today. The business has ALWAYS been crap. That is show business. Thugs and heroes.

Rachel - Hey where do you get your tattoos done, always same place or are you an impulsive obsessive compulsive tattoo fiend? Do you design them yourself?

Dregen - Different artist and friends. I'm not really into tattoos, but I painted a lot as a kid and still do. A lot of my graffiti-friends later became tattoo-artists, so I guess they wanted to try their new machines on me.Yes, I design them myself.

Rachel - You seem to be very creative, paint and design stuff, etc. tell me about it. 

Dregen - Ever since I was a kid I have been drawing and stuff. I'm a record-cover-designer-freak! I have lithography on sale on:, limited edition of a 301 copies. Check it out! 


Rachel - Since you started the band, you've been able to share stages and make songs with such gifted rockers as Joey Ramone, Rob Zombie, Social Distortion, Monster Magnet, Danko Jones, and of course Michael Monroe, amongst others. How do you feel about it all now,?

Dregen - I am really happy to play and record and tour with people that I like and respect! We have never toured with bands that we don't like. I just don't see the point.

Rachel - Who of the above rockers/artists or any others I have not mentioned impressed you the most, for whatever reason?

Dregen - AC/DC

Rachel - Why, may I ask?

Dregen - Simply because they are AC/DC and they are one of the nicest, coolest people I've ever met.

Rachel - Any hope for the fans of more Supershit666 songs and tour?

Dregen - Songs for sure when we find time. The touring part I dunno.

Rachel - Being G'n'R one of your main influences, how was it like to meet them? Did you play any songs/jam with any of them? Did you get any feedback from them about your music?

Dregen -Yes we have met a few times. Dizzy Reed from GnR are playing the piano on "Voodoo Love Bow".  We love them and I think they dig us too.

Rachel - If you had the power to resuscitate one or more deceased rocker/s to make a song with her/him, who would those be and which songs??

Dregen - Song:  Jailhouse Rock / Me on Guitar. Slash on Guitar. Joan Jett on Guitar. Lemmy on Bass. John Bonham on Drums. Elvis of course vox.

Photo: Peder

Rachel - Which band/artist made you want to pick up a guitar, start a punk rock band? Or was it a teacher at school boring the hell out of you (the fucker, if so, we thank him anyway for doing that to you)

Dregen - KISS

Rachel - Michael Monroe and Hanoi Rocks, they're back and on tour again. Any chance we might be able to see you The Backyard Babies and Hanoi tour together both as headliners? That would be super yummy for fans!!

Dregen - Sounds like a great bill! Let's make it happen!!!

Rachel - Do you miss TV programs like Head banger’s Ball? How much do you hate TV in general?

Dregen - For the moment I don't own a TV. TV is dead. It's all about YouTube I guess if you wanna see and hear new stuff. I loved Head bangers Ball but I don't miss it.

Rachel - What bands/music are you currently into?

Dregen - I'm waiting for “Chinese Democracy”.  (So am I)

Rachel - Best gig you attended lately as fan? What was it like?

Dregan - I saw Danko Jones the other night. It was fucking awesome!

Rachel - What movie did you see the other night?

Dregen -The Bob Dylan documentary, I'm not there.

Rachel - Have you been to any of the Kiss tour gigs this year? Don’t you think Paul Stanley still delivers like a motherfucker? Will you do the same in the future?

Dregen -Yes I saw ‘em in Stockholm. I think I can do better when I reach his age, but not in platform boots!

Rachel - Do you yourself or any of the members of the band enjoy wrestling with girls?

Dregen - No. Why? We are into paintball. Naked. With girls.

Rachel - Attending to the current state of affairs in the music industry, do you still think only the good live bands will survive? Which ones do you put your bet on?

Dregan -Yes, because Live shows is the last piece of art left in music.  Dinosaurs: AC/DC. Metallica. Bob Dylan. Bruce Springsteen.  Rookies: Danko Jones. The Hives. Foo Fighters. Turbonegro.

Rachel - How come everyone seems to be in a rock/punk band nowadays? Ain't that great? Ain't that confusing?

Dregen - Mostly a great confusion.

Rachel - Would you like to see the original G'n'R line-up reform and play live again? (We had to ask!!!)

Dregen - Of course. They would be the only "old" band that could pull it off!

Rachel - Have you been to any of the current Sex Pistols gigs? If yes, did you enjoy? If not, why not?

Dregen - No. We were in the studio mixing. I heard from my friends that they where great!

Rachel - The Hellacopters' last tour. Sad story for us the fans. Any words of wisdom from you about it?

Dregan - I respect that they are quitting. Instead of doing worse tours and albums. A brave move. But a little piece of R 'n' R history is gone with the Hellas. I am very proud of being an original member of the band.

Rachel - First thoughts on your mind about Axl Rose?

Dregen - He's up to something big. Or not. 

Rachel - Joey Ramone, I am guessing that must've been an amazing experience, for the band to work with him in the song "Friends"

Dregen -Yes, the whole day in the studio with Joey was great. He always came down for the Backyard Babies shows in New York.

Rachel - Ok do tell us now to your fans and the readers here whatever the fuck you really wanna say, say it out loud!!!

Dregen - Hope to see you ringside somewhere on this tour soon, and don't forget to check out our new album "Backyard Babies"!

Rachel - Thanx again for your words and time DR3G3N!!

Dregen -Thank you!


Photo: Tricia Lee Pascoe


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