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Photo: Ferret & Chris by Librasnake photography

Ferret on vocals, Tom AK on bass, Ash, lead guitar, Chris, rhythm guitar and Rob on drums, the current line up of Midlands punk band Dun2Def, they’ll ‘pounce on you and smash your head’, well ok, your eardrums, with some good, honest singalong punk rock that will reel you in and have you hooked. Fired up and ready to ‘tear 2009 apart’ I catch up with Chris and Ferret to ask about their forthcoming split EP and album release.

Lorraine - Well, it's seems like it's all happening for Dun2Def on the scene at the moment, praise everywhere I turn. Not only an album imminent but also a split EP with The Destructors due for release on March 23rd, which songs are on the EP and why did you choose those particular songs?

Photo: Ferret by Librasnake photography

Ferret - We were asked to do a new song, an old song and a cover so it was quite easy to pick them. We'd just written and rehearsed ‘You're a Disease’ - new song and ‘Drinking and Fighting’ - an old song has stayed in the set for years and seeing as I keep getting invited on stage to do ‘Riot’ with the Subs it was the obvious cover.
Chris - Its actually got 3 of our tracks on it and 4 Destructors tracks so we think it’s pretty good value. As Ferret says, the first track, the new song, was easy to pick as it was the first song this line up has written. The old one was an obvious choice too. Any song that name checks Dave Courtney (If it’s good enough for Rancid!) is gonna be favourite and Riot is such a classic Subs song.  

Photo: Ash by Librasnake photography

Lorraine - When is the album due for release?

Ferret - We had to hold the album release until the split EP was sold, which did on advance orders! Now all we've got to do is sort the artwork and hopefully the album should be out on Rowdy Farrago by June. 

Lorraine - I know there is great excitement in the camp about this new album, what do you think sets it apart?
Ferret - Personally it’s just how I wanted it to sound. I think this album was so natural to record with a first rate engineer who totally understood the sound we wanted to get. 
Chris - I think the thing that is instantly noticeable about this album is just how good Ferret's vocal delivery is. The last D2D album, ‘Every Weekend’, featured dual singers, this time it's just Ferret and he really delivers the goods.  That said the album really is the sum of all the parts and that’s what makes it what it is and we are very excited with the end result. 

  Photo: Rob by Librasnake photography

Lorraine - I was at the BH2 singing along to ' we're all fucked up with shit tattoos, spending our money on bargain booze' and actually quite surprised that half the Bridgeghouse was also singing along. Do you think you have been too free with the goods or is it all foreplay?
Ferret - We actually could have done this album last year, a lot of the songs have been set standards for quite a while with a lot of people asking when we would actually get in a studio and record them.
Chris - It’s a good job the audience were singing it cos we were all fucked by the time we played that song. Every band will tell you it's a real buzz to hear a crowd sing along and we're no different in that respect. It was a great night.

Lorraine - Dun2Def began life as '77, yet you are one of the bands who do not boast links back to '77, but began in 1996 changing the name to Dun2Def in 2001. What is the musical background/history of the current line up?
Ferret - I was first in a band with schoolmates in 78/79ish called Seditious Impulse then in various offshoots until 85 when it kinda fizzled out. Then in 96, I was in a bar when a guy called Lee Scrivens asked if I'd like to front a band doing a few classic punk covers and that was how 77 started. We then found ourselves writing our own stuff so wanted to change the name. All the good names had been done to death so that stuck!

Lorraine - I have to say it was refreshing to hear a song on the album referring to how it all began in '79 as, hands up, I am one of those purist punks who will probably end up in a nursing home reminiscing about how punk began in 1892. Nonetheless I would call the album pure, honest, punk with a great sense of humour, what would be your take on that?

Ferret - Yeah, that was Chris. I think 79 was a good year for him. As for me I left school, left home and saw some great bands on great tours that year: UK Subs - Another Kind of Blues Tour, Damned - Machine Gun etc. As for the rest of the album it's just uncomplicated, unpolitical, singalong, drinkalong punk rock
Chris - Yeah we hope people take it for what it is. '79' was the year I saw my first punk gig and adopted the look full time, hence the fondness for that particular year. We are nostalgic to a degree and we do sometimes write about the good old days (ha ha pools of vomit on the Lyceum floor) but the band is relevant now in 2009 and most of the subject matter in our writing reflects that we hope.

Photo: Dun2Def by Librasnake photography

Lorraine - You have been through a few line ups over time, this time it is really working, what do you put that chemistry down to?
 Ferret - The current line up works better than previous line ups because they want to be in the band and we all pull in the same direction. Simply put, we all get on!

Chris - We all get on and are friends in and out of the band and that is really important. There are no ego’s in Dun2Def, quite the opposite in fact. 

Photo: Tom by Librasnake photography
Lorraine - You now have two guitarists in the band, what were you aiming for with that and do you feel it is paying off?
Ferret - I like the bigger sound you get with two guitarists. It's just complete when you've got rhythm and lead, there's no break in the onslaught even when there's a lead guitar break - it just works for us!

Chris - We've been told that we have an instantly recognisable sound even in the strict confines of Punk rock. It’s a bit of a marriage of old school and new school really. I have a cleaner sound playing through an Orange stack whereas Ash, our lead guitarist gets a much a crunchier sound through his Marshall. It just seems to blend really well. I've yet to hear a better guitarist on the scene than Ash and as Ferret says, having the two guitars lets us add colour and texture to the songs without them losing the power.

Photo: Chris by Librasnake photography
Lorraine - Who are you listening to and who do you rate at the moment?
Ferret - Gotta be Drongo's for Europe, never out of my CD player
Chris - Noise Agents really impressed me at the BH2 gig. Andy K didn’t have anything to prove in my eyes but he probably felt he did after fronting Demob.  He needn't have worried. I went home humming all their songs, they were great.
I've also seen London a fair few times since their reformation and they just get better and better. And what’s more they are such nice blokes too and genuinely surprised at the fantastic reception they get at every gig.

Lorraine - Finally Ferret, you are a well recognised face on the scene and have guested with many other bands, recently a mate of mine commented that he always thought you looked really miserable until the last BH2 gig, are you a miserable sod?

Ferret - Yeah, mainly because I've just discovered how much you're paying me for this interview!

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Interview by Lorraine 24/03/09

Photo’s by Gemma, Librasnake Photography (taken at The Bridgehouse gig)

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