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Tonight at Southampton's Taking Heads Goth is the order of the evening with two quality bands set to entertain, before the 1st band arrived onstage the audience are entertained by a quality DJ spinning some great nostalgic Goth sounds The Mission, Sisters of Mercy, The Cult and Fields of the Nephilim all set the atmosphere for the night ahead.

Rhombus - are a four piece band comprising of Edward Grassby(Vocals/bass), Ian Grinn(Guitar/Vocals),  Rob Walker(Guitar), and Mya (Vocals) formed in around 2002, they have all band huge fans of this genre for many years. Rhombus's atmospheric intro music started and the four members strolled through the audience to take to the stage, the band start and their sound is immediately identifiable, with their swirling guitar sound and drum machine, yes this is an 80's + 90's Goth sound something like the early Sisters of Mercy, Rosetta Stone or Ghostdance would make. These guys gladly do not take themselves too seriously with Edward dressed in a cowboy hat, red shirt, tie and black jacket looking just like he is off the set of a spaghetti western with Ian  looking like an gothic undertaker in a top hat.


Tracks such as 'You Only Want Me When I'm Drunk' and '4472' show that the band have perfected this style of sound and despite a few problems with their drum machine(No Doubt a relation of  'Doktor Avalanche') put in a great performance which seemed to be appreciated  by the Southampton audience. The set ended with a trip down memory lane and a cover of Ghostdance's 'Celebrate' which showed off Mya's impressive vocals.

Tonight’s the 1st night of The Eden House's tour and as the band take to the stage, I get a feeling this is going to be so different than I expected, the album 'Smoke + Mirrors' is an impressive masterpiece and a truly wonderful listening experience, will the live touring band be able to recreate the sound on stage. If you came here tonight to get in the mosh pit dance and get sweaty then you would go home disappointed, this music needs to be listened to and appreciated. The band comprise of three very different female vocalists Amandine Ferrari, Evi Vine, Valenteen , along with  Stephen Carey( Guitar), Simon Rippin (Drums), Andy Jackson(Guitar) and Ex Fields of The Nephiilim bass player Tony Pettit.


The sound is somewhere between Massive Attack and Portishead with large amounts of gothic styles thrown in. The audience drifts and sways through their numbers. Yes, the music is recreated very well on stage; songs such as 'All My Love' and ’Reach Out' drift away from the dry ice filled stage and get right inside everybody's heads.

The encore impresses with a cover of Bjork and David Arnold's 'Play Dead' along with an uplifting version of probably the groups best track 'To Believe in Something' which leaves everyone in the audience with no doubt in their minds that this band can deliver a top notch live performance.

Set List
- God's Pride, All My Love, Trashed Treasure, Reach Out, Iron in the Soul, Fire for You, The Dark Half, Sin, Play Dead, To Believe In Something

Review by Dave Chinery (Chinners)