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It was a bitterly cold frosty winter evening, so the thought of staying home in front of the fire was an option, the other was to go and see 'Esotrerica' a 5 piece alternative rock band who came to Mr Kyp's as part of their 'Scream' tour in promotion of their latest acclaimed album 'The Riddle' . As I was intrigued by what I’d read about the band I thankfully make the latter decision. Last year, the band had the privilege of opening for Marilyn Manson on his European Tour and have previously played the Donnington Download festival for two years running. The opening act were local Bournemouth metal band called 'Silent Prophecy' who do their best to warm up the audience with some old school style metal with a twist, fronted by attractive 'rock chick' Theresa dressed  in trademark leather trousers and Jack Daniels t-shirt. The band power through a set littered with influences by the likes of Iron Maiden and Metallica with lots of guitar solos and head-banging, the pace was slowed with an epic piece called 'Lost Souls' which showed that band were not just a 'one trick' act with some impressive melodic guitar work.


After a short break 'Esoterica' took to the stage, within second’s barefoot front man Tobias was standing on the monitors encouraging everyone away from the bar to come nearer the stage with most kindly obliging. There is never a dull moment during the set with the band producing a lively and interesting performance with some great songs; their sound is alternative with metal and gothic styles colliding head on. The band interacts very well with the audience with several members being invited up on stage a various times to help out on backing vocals and drums. Tobias is a great front man bounding all around the stage tirelessly sometimes looking a little clumsy or drunk, possible a bit of both, he even stole beer from members of the audience, which was all taken in good humor, so much was happening on the stage the rest of the band finished the song 'Don't Rely On Anyone' and left the stage, leaving a mumbling Tobias on his own not realising they had all gone, certainly a bit of a 'Spinal Tap’ moment. They were soon called back by the cheering audience for a two song encore which included the great song 'Chemicals' which showed some great original guitar work. This was a really great gig and it’s so nice seeing some great original bands here at Mr Kyps in my home town of Poole, long may it continue.


Tomorrow I won't Remember
Life Is Lonely
Fill Me with Love
The Empire of Eyes
Watch This Drive
Don't Rely On Anyone
Miranda and the Tempest

Review/photos/videos by Dave Chinery (Chinners)