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  • The Local Music Scene In The South West: South West Rising by Dick Porter. Featuring: Moriaty/ Honey / The Eyelids/ Pirate Copy / Mister Postman/ The Red Cords / Xeno/ Black Tambourines / Hold The Sun / Night Motor. The local scene in Cornwall and the wider South West stacks up impressively against any comparable regional microcosm, playing host to a glittering corpus of exciting new bands, all of which are richly deserving of wider recognition.
  • Rockabilly Rants: Haili Hughes is a superwoman/english Teacher/Alt Model/mum and wife and a former journalist for a national newspaper. Now she has been given her own column for Mudkiss. Various topics will be covered, not just music related but all delivered with a witty repartee all her own style.
Hollywood 1946. Cult screen goddess Maria Christina Aumont is born to actress Maria Montez, the Dominican-American “Queen of Technicolour” whose own position as the colourful Latin siren of such ostentatious and camp classics as Arabian Nights (1942), Cobra Woman (1944) and Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1944). Tina’s father was the equally illustrious Jean-Pierre Aumont, the French actor and pin-up, whose film credits included Heartbeat (1946) with Ginger Rogers and Lili (1953) with Leslie Caron. This promising childhood picture was ripped apart when at the age of only five Tina suddenly lost her mother, who died of a reported heart attack in the bath at their family home in France. When her father remarried (actress Maria Pavan) Tina was sent off to school in Switzerland. She re-emerged a few years later into a Paris of the early 60s where she soon set about finding congruous souls to soothe the cravings of her tearaway heart.
  • Strings of Desire: Autoluminescent, And The Musical Adventures of Rowland S Howard - by Helen Donlon
Helen Donlon explores the musical adventures of the late Rowland S Howard. Australia's 'Little Band scene' stoked the late 70s for new music lovers in the Fitzroy and St Kilda suburbs of Melbourne, and produced a surge of experimental bands, of which The Boys Next Door were one of the most consistently stirring. Initially largely a bunch of choir boys who'd met at school, the band quickly evolved into the perfect line-up: Nick Cave on vocals, Mick Harvey on guitar, Tracy Pew on bass, Phill Calvert on the drums and Rowland S. Howard, also on guitar. The extended coterie included local musicians Anita Lane, Marie Hoy and Pierre Sutcliffe.
  • Keith Levene's all time top ten [12] Albums At The Moment - In conversation with Melanie Smith -Keith was asked if he would compile a list of his top ten albums of all time. A difficult task for anyone, but with much thought he came up with this surprising list comprised of not ten but twelve albums! We chatted about his choices via skype, all the way from a sun-drenched Florida and here is what he came up with and it goes something like this.... 
  • Alcopop! Records have way too much time on their hands, and have released 49 slightly different cat in hat compilations. 

So with a new Rory Brattwell produced album on the way in May, and a first single fresh in the inbox, it seemed like a nice idea to see in the good year 2013 to show off the brand new Stagecoach track ‘Threequel’ – and send it to some of our favourite bloggers around. Buuuut – y’know free downloads are fine and all, but another link to another free download does not necessarily a forward thinking music scribe excite! So we thought it would be much more fun to add some extra rad elements (cats) (hats) and (more Alcopop! Bands) – to create 49 different 5 track compilations, personalised and all featuring a different cat.

And believe me, there are some AWESOME cats….So we’ve gone out to each of the 49 sites who were part of the ‘blog sound of 2013’ and done just that – trying to slightly mould the songs around the recipient where possible - and use the revealing of the Stagecoach track to hopefully introduce them to the sounds of Alcopop! They’re all free to download for your listeners should you care to share, and if you dig any of the bands on them and want to hear more – let us know and we’ll get some stuff over to you!

Thank god for Soundcloud! From the Canadian slacker punks of Oh No! Yoko, to the delicate folk delights of Katie Malco, in total about 25 tracks have been used to make the compilations, so you will see similarities,  - but each (we hope) will show off at least a segment of current bands on the roster, to give an impression of what Alcopop! Records are all about. Luckily, as we all now know, guitar music is not dead (phew…) and it seems to us that the more loving and genuine the label, the better they get on……and we genuinely love cats in hats (and these bands.

  • HAPPY NEW YEAR: Looking Back at 2012 - here This past year has been another incredible year of highs, and not many lows, and I’d like to thank everyone involved. That means all who have contributed to Mudkiss whether it be writing, reviewing, interviewing, or photographing, not forgetting all the artists, musicians, creative people, PR companies, record labels, and band managers.
  • ANDY'S UK METAL: Top Ten to watch our for in 2013: For those more inclined towards heavier musical aspects, here's a UK metal top ten of bands to look out for in 2013.
  • Spires
  • Incassum
  • Talanas
  • Collibus
  • Bisonhammer
  • Agonyst
  • Dragged Into Sunlight
  • Huron 
  • Sanguine
  • Kamikaze Test Pilots 
  • ANDYS TOP TIPS for 2013: A selection of bands / artists I have high hopes will really break through in 2013, some new, some not so new, but all worthy far more attention.
  • Golden Fable
  • Feldspar
  • Palma Violets
  • The Gramotones
  • The Delaplains
  • Blind Atlas
  • Savages
  • The Phoenix Experiment
  • Kindest of Thieves
  • The High Commissioners
  • 2012 MY YEAR IN PHOTOS: Mel shows us some of her favourite live show photographs from the year, and tells us why. Artists: Jessie Rose / The Virginmarys/ The Raveonettes/ Adam Ant/ The Phoenix Experiment / Dressing For Pleasure/ Sylver Tongue/ Chris Isaak/ Morten Harkett/ Scissor Sisters/ Jack White/ Tim Burgess/ The Damned/ Choking Susan/ Emilie Autumn/ Morrissey/ Ren Harvieu/ Palma Violets/ Jordan Reyne/ Icarus Line. Read here:
  • BLUE CAT BLUES.............BY MARY O'MEARA: The closing of the Blue Cat will narrow a passageway that's already largely blocked....that passageway being a launch-pad for new bands, new songwriters, new talents to come and transfer their sounds from bedroom/garage to stage. Many did it and did it so successfully they moved rapidly on to bigger things. Karima Francis, Nell Bryden & Jessie Rose all stood on that stage as virtual unknowns. Haven, Lee Griffiths, even most recently Terry Reid plugged in and bared their souls at 17 Shaw Road. Read the full feature here
  • ANNE PIGALLE: HALTE AU VIOL ARTISTIQUE - BY THE LAST CHANTEUSE - English translation [Stop raping artists] - "That is how it feels: not physically raped, but intellectually raped, for sure…"here
  • DAMNATION FESTIVAL 2012 - A Mudkiss Guide to the day - Andy Barnes gives a run down on the forthcoming coverage at Leeds University on November 3rd.
  • LIZ LACEY: NOTES FROM A BROAD - Liz Lacey, a Liverpool lovely, is going to delight us with her quirky insights and essays. She has been a CEO of  several organisations in the arts and education sectors, set up and run a number of businesses, including burlesque and cabaret events. She is now a freelance writer,or Mouse For Hire, self-employed management /PR consultant and lecturer. She returned to Liverpool from London in 1999, and has felt quite smug about this ever since. Keep watching folks. Catch her on this page and her own blog site
  • SHELL ZENNER: Taking a break from writing for Mudkiss due to being heavily involved in Radio work. But check out her previous blog pieces. A glamorous cupcake making writer, a busy bee, she's a DJ/Interviewer for Salford City Radio 94.4fm, and Bolton FM. She loves nothing more than championing Greater Manchester bands. Check out Shell's hotspot here:
  • NIGEL CARTNER: Another northerner to grace our hallowed turf.  A keen footballer, and writer of his first novel - based around a trip to Las Vegas. A huge Doors/Jim Morrison fan with a yearning to hurry back to Paris for the 40th Anniversary......he's going to tell us all about it. Check out his first article here: - plus 2011 in review
  • JEREMY GLUCK: Check out the various articles and features written exclusively for Mudkiss by Jeremy. Find him reminiscing about fanzines, Canadian punk, his love affair with Generation X, the Harbour Kings (gone but not forgotten), and his 30 year journey through the rock n' roll wilderness. Check them out here:
  • JEAN ENCOULE: TraxMARX former editor, and scribe rides again, with some interesting features, in-between studying to be a Social Worker! He's interviewed countless notable musicians of the punk fraternity, even writing a book on The Dammed entitled 'Play It At Your Sister'. Beware not only has he a wickedly dry sense of humour, he could give you a right ole tongue lashing! Check out his Infamous Five Favourite Punk Bands here
  • KRIS NEEDS: Kris is a renown writer from the late 70's (former editor of ZigZag Magazine) and now contributing to Record Collector, Mojo and various other publications. He is also the author of biographies from the world of music, including The New York Dolls, Keith Richards, Primal Scream and Joe Strummer. Indeed his own biography 'Needs Must: A Very Rock N' Roll Story is certainly a must buy. Also check out a super cool interview from Jean Encoule here:
  • Ari Up: A personal tribute by Kris Needs (17 January 1962 – 20 October 2010):"This really is one of the last obituaries I thought I’d be writing in 2010. Also one of the most unbelievably sad. Ari’s final wish was that the video for the Slits’ ‘Lazy Slam’ be released posthumously; one last, loud statement to celebrate a remarkable life the best way she knew how." Read more here:
  • Steve/Stella New by Kris Needs (16 May 1960 – 24 May 2010): "He was a woefully overlooked talent, in at the birth of punk and still pushing musical boundaries with his last band Beastellabeast when he sadly lost his battle with cancer on May 24, aged just 50" Read more here

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