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As I went down the steps into basement of the iBar music venue in Bournemouth I didn't know what to expect, it's a fairly small venue with loads of atmosphere, I could almost feel the anticipation in the air, for such a small venue a large crowd had gathered with the all of them looking forward to the night ahead. The 1st band on "Fitz Pain" had the job of warming up the crowd, they did their best despite seeming a little nervous, after every song the asked the soundman if it was time to finish yet, not really that professional, these guys have a lot to learn, however their last number "We will become(Much More than this)" did seem to get a good moderate reaction from the crowd. Five piece band "Cue To Eclipse" struggle to get all of themselves on the small stage with hirsute lead singer having to perform on the dance floor amongst the audience, they make the most of their 20 minutes or so onstage performing an number called "Winding Lies" and a new track called "Bells" which showed some excellent guitar work.
Photo: Don Broco
Don Broco took to the stage full on confidence and from the start the audience was on their side, Rob, Luke, Simon and Mat belt out some brilliant tunes most of which are sung straight back to them by the audience who seem familiar with their material. Exuberant Lead vocalist Rob who is sporting a rather nice red vest is leaping about all over the place delivering the vocals in a strong and powerful way. The stand out tracks of the night were "Living the dream" which opens with the lyric "He's go the move's he's got the shoes" and  "Wat'cha Gonna Do" with it's excellent lyrics style with great harmonies. A mention must be made of their awesome guitarist who not only looks the part but plays with some particular energetic and enthusiastic style.
Photo: Fei Comodo
Tonight is the 1st night of Fei Comodo's 40 date tour of the UK and Europe after filling plenty of support slots and performing at this years Donnington Download festival they are out on the road to prove that they are band that really impress. To say the venue was in chaos after the band hit the stage would be an understatement, the audience were all over the place with various circle pits organised by lead singer Marc who really knows how to whip up a crowd. Marc did his best with the space he had  getting all the fans down involved with some even sharing the vocals with him and at one point he was even lifted aloft be the crowd , crowd surfing while singing. Fei Comodo's album "They all have Two Faces" has produced some real great live classics "Just Another Day" and  "Behind Bars" both seem to come alive when played live, the band play with so much energy and enthusiasm you can't help but enjoy their performances. New Song "No Way Out" which has been aired on the bands Myspace page gets it's live airing and goes down really well with the audience some of which can be seen singing along. An absolutely fantastic performance especially as it was only the 1st night of the tour, anybody who is going to get to see them on this tour are certainly in for a treat as this band are on fire and will give you an amazing night to remember.
Burn It All
Cost Of Living
Just Another Day
Break the Ice
You Peaked at Sixteen
Watch Them Feed
Behind Bars  
No Way Out
This Ones For Us
Fei Comodo - JustAnother Day

Don Broco - Wat'cha Gonna Do
Cue to Eclipse - Winding Lies
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