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The Glitterati hail from Leeds, UK, although they are now based in London. They play hard rock. They released their first single back in 2004, and from there on things continued to work very good for them, releasing their self-titled debut album early in 2005, which was produced by  legendary Mike Clink, who had previously worked with Guns N’ Roses and Metallica amongst others. The band have toured extensively and have played alongside bands such as David Lee Roth, The Wildhearts, The Datsuns, just to mention a few. They are about to release their second album soon, the producer this time is Matt Hyde (Slipknot, etc.) and the first single of this forthcoming album was recently released, you can check it out and the band here:  

This interview took place during their recent UK tour with W.A.S.P. Paul Gautrey, the singer of the band, answered a few questions I had for him here. I found out he is a huge Elvis fan, amongst other cool things, so nice to meet you man!

RACHEL: Hello! How are you feeling today guys?

PAUL: Hi Rachel, we are feeling good, but a little delicate from last night.

RACHEL: So what’s behind the name ‘The Glitterati’?

PAUL: It was from a review of a band 3 of us were in before The Glitterati, it was talking about how our gig was full of other musicians and local vips from the Leeds music scene, it said "The Leeds Glitterati are all here tonight" .When we were looking for a band name I remembered reading that and thinking it would make a good name.

RACHEL: How’s the tour with W.A.S.P. been like? 

PAUL: Its been great for us, we have a new line up and this is our first tour with the two new guys, and playing every night has really pulled us together musically. We also seem to have made a lot of new friends from the W.A.S.P crowd which is what we were hoping for. Every show has been packed and in big venues so its been a great experience.

RACHEL: Are you fans of their music? 

PAUL: Honestly, before the tour we didnt know much of their stuff, but been on tour with them for two weeks and watching the show most nights, they have some killer tunes and they put on a great show, so I’m going to be blagging the new record from our label and seeking out their old records when the tours over.

RACHEL: What about Blackie Lawless, any memorable moments?

PAUL: We didn’t get to see too much of Blackie on the tour, apart from when he was onstage, he keeps himself to himself, but we would speak to the rest of the band most nights and they were really cool.

RACHEL: How has the W.A.S.P crowd responded to you during the tour?

PAUL: Great, obviously they are all there to see W.A.S.P and when we walked on 99 per cent of the crowd hadn’t heard of us, but as each song went on the reaction gets better and better, we really appreciate that they gave us a chance and we are happy we were able to win a lot of them over and hope they will check us out again.

RACHEL: What’s next for you now after this tour?  A tour in the States maybe as well for next year?

PAUL: We would love to tour the states again, every time we have been over the crowds have been really into us. Our immediate plan though is our next single and album which will be released in the UK early in the new year, we also would love to get out on tour in as many places as possible, so the rest of Europe and the US are definitely in our plans.

RACHEL: Your new album comes out next February 2010, are you excited? How was the recording process like this time?

PAUL: It was very different from our first, on the first we were signed to a major label with a big budget. When we started this record we had nothing, no budget, no producer and only 3 band members remaining.

We knew we had the songs to make a great record but we had to work out how we were going to make it. We contacted Matt Hyde about producing the record and luckily for us he loved the demos we had and wanted to work with us. He made it manageable for us and we put every penny we had into it, it took a long time to make because Matt would do a couple of days with us then fly out to work with Slipknot or Bullet For My Valentine. I’d say he didn’t have a day off for a year because every spare day he had he would work with us. Basically we wouldn’t have been able to make the record with anyone else, and it definitely wouldn’t have turned out anywhere near as good as it has.

RACHEL: Main influences as a band would be Guns N’ Roses and the NY Dolls I would say, is that right? Any other bands you guys were listening to nonstop when growing up?

PAUL: They are two of my favourite bands in the world (The Wildhearts and The Heartbreakers the others), so yeah you would be right there, but as a group there’s lots of others, I’ve known 3 of the guys since we were kids so from memory I’d say the biggest influences growing up were Gn’R, Queen, The Wildhearts, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones... all our formative influences were huge rock bands and I think that’s been a big influence on our live show, but we have also always had a love for bands like NY Dolls, Ramones, Ses Pistols, etc. so that also plays a big part in our sound.

RACHEL: Talking about Guns N’ Roses, you had your first record produced by Mike Clink, what was the experience like, how did you guys feel?

PAUL: It was amazing, he’s probably the nicest guy we have met in the entire music industry, it was a huge honour that he wanted to work with us, because he gets approached by literally hundreds of bands wanting him to re create the GNR magic, the fact he approached us made it even more special, he must have seen something in us.We weren’t even thinking about Mike for the record, but once he got in touch it was a done deal for us, you can’t say no to a legend like Mike.

RACHEL: Did he share any stories about recording “Appetite For Destruction”?

PAUL: He’s pretty coy on all things Gn’R, but we did notice once he had a pint or two the stories would come out, so we made this our nightly plan ha. He has so many stories not just from working with Gn’R but Aerosmith, Metallica, Motley Crue and so many others but nothing too incriminating because those bands are his friends, but I noticed when he spoke about Gn’R he talked about them all like they were his kids and seemed genuinely dissapointed at their issues with each other, he had a definite love for those guys.

RACHEL: What’s your opinion on the record “Chinese Democracy”?

PAUL: It’s difficult, obviously it’s a very different sound from early Gn’R but I admire his ambition to progress and not just sound like Appetite For Destruction era Guns, it could never live up to the hype, but Axl’s obviously hugely talented and is making the music he wants to make, even if the world would prefer Welcome To The Jungle 2...

RACHEL: Have you seen them (G n’R) live with the new line up?
If you did, what’s your opinion?

PAUL: I have, twice with the new line up (once with the Use Your Illusion line up). I thought it was a great show, it didn’t feel like you were watching Gn’R but if you can put that out of your mind and enjoy the show and the songs then you will have a good time, he’s still a great frontman that’s for sure.

RACHEL: Tell us about touring with Dave Lee Roth, which must’ve been a pretty interesting experience right?

PAUL: Ha-Ha, he was great, a very unique person. He was nothing but nice to us, he would sit onstage and talk to us whilst we soundchecked. In fact I think he got along better with us than his own bandmates for some reason. Every day he’d greet us by shaking our hands and saying "Hi, I’m Dave".

RACHEL: Tell us about the current panorama of rock n roll music and the whole industry crap that’s always been attached to it, anything to say? Have you been treated well so far?

PAUL: I think we were treated badly on Atlantic if I’m honest, I think we were doing well on the first record despite a lot of things that were hindering us because of them. I think they kind of pulled the rug from under us, but that’s the music industry. Our new label Dr2/Global Music have been great to us so far, they have a huge understanding of rock music which is the opposite of Atlantic, and we are really excited to be working with them, at the end of the day it’s called the music business, and it is a business to the label, but we have been lucky enough to find a label who’s actually interested in and cares about the ‘Music’ part too and that’s all you can ask for.

RACHEL: What are you listening to now? Any bands you wanna recommend here that you are especially enjoying now?

PAUL: I saw The Black Spiders the other day and they were great. The new Wildhearts album, “Chutzpah”, is amazing, and my favourite new album for a long time, to me Ginger is a genius.

RACHEL: What do you like and hate the most about being in a rock band?

PAUL: I Love it, its my entire life and I can’t and dont want to do anything else, I can’t complain about any of it really, it can be hard work but there’s never a time where I think "I wish I wasn’t doing this", besides we haven’t done nearly enough over the last few years, so I feel like we are making up for lost time.

RACHEL: What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you onstage so far?

PAUL: John our guitarist is a great performer; while he’s playing he’s running, spinning everywhere. One night he was spinning round and round and he must have been a bit over enthusiastic, because he couldn’t stop and went spinning like a spinning top right off the edge of the stage, to be fair he didn’t try to hide it like a poser he just lay in a heap laughing, we had to try finish the song but we were all crying with laughter.

RACHEL: What or who makes you feel the happiest?

PAUL: My girlfriend, my family, my band, my friends, my football team Everton.

RACHEL: What or who inspires you to continue doing what you are doing?

PAUL: I’m inspired by the rest of the band, I’m really proud we kept the band together through some horrible times, and made it out the other side with a great album and a new label.

RACHEL: What or who couldn’t you live without?

PAUL: All the people/things I mentioned in the things that make me happiest.

RACHEL: Give us the name of someone you would wanna spend some quality time with, anyone?

PAUL: Well obviously a bit difficult, but Elvis Presley, I’m a huge Elvis fan and 50’s rock n roll in general, I think an evening with Elvis would be pretty special. (I’m sure too!)

RACHEL: Thank you for your time Paul, now as a last question, what is it that you’d like to say now, just because you’re worth it?

PAUL: Thanks Rachel,we really appreciate it.

I’d just like everyone to take the time to check us out, and hopefully like on the W.A.S.P tour a lot of people who might not have heard of us will like what they hear, we have a free download single available at for a few weeks,or check us out at  or even better come and see us live.

Thank you Paul, thank you The Glitterati, and I wish you the very best!

Interview by Rachel

Thanks to Jen @ Global Music for the press shots