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When you see the name Honey and hear they are a three piece consisting of two girls and a boy from Cornwall you may start to visualise a sweet, surf type band. Maybe even a UK equivalent to Haim? This wholly inaccurate picture will however, start to fade when you see the cover is a cartoon of a wolf suckling off a naked woman's breast. By the time you have finished listening to their debut EP you will have an altogether different and far less sweet picture. The EP starts with a relatively quiet intro to the band. "Love Sick, Sick Love" begins with a rolling drum beat and a gentle intro, with clean and pleasant vocals. However, the intensity soon builds in to a dirty and sleazy sound. It is probably the most accessible song on the EP, reminiscent of Sonic Youth, but with lyrics like "I was baptised in bleach" it's not exactly easy listening.

The following two tracks, "Dick Tease" and "Dumb Girl Plague" are faster paced and ferocious. Comparisons to early Hole will probably be inevitable but actually they have far more of the intensity and scuzziness of L7, but with a much more dirty garage feel. It is no wonder that "Dumb Girl Plague" is a live favourite as it is sludgy and powerful and would be super intense in a live setting. "DFK" is a far more dark and broody song. It has a slow burning, grungy sound reminiscent of Nirvana, but we're talking early Bleach intensity not Nevermind shine. Final song, "Go Down Swinging" is possibly the best song on the EP. It perfectly mixes a sense of ferocity and violence before working in to a crescendo which is an aural assault of noise. It is one hell of way to end the EP.

For a debut release this is an impressive set of songs which is sure to introduce Honey to a wide audience. It is obvious from these tracks that this is a must see live band, where they will be able to take the intensity and power of the songs to an even higher level. The EP bodes well for the future and they are definitely a band to put to the top of your ones to watch list.  Facebook

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