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Hyde & Beast are a psychedelic rock band made up of a super group contingency based in the North East of England, consisting of former Futureheads’ drummer, Dave Hyde, and former Golden Virgins drummer, Neil Bassett, Hyde being lead vocalist. When live, they become a six piece band, with fellow North Eastern musicians joining them, including Hyde’s brother, Barry, forming a very tight knit structure that eloquently flows throughout the show. With four guitarists, a keyboard player and a drummer lined up on stage, they give a very psychedelic account of themselves, hauling a British 60s sound of the same genre, with a touch of American country/folk into the modern era.

All four guitarists play their part, plucking sporadically, unorthodoxly, yet professionally constructing dark melodic moods that wash the viewers away into a different state of consciousness. The melodies, coupled with the mysterious, edgy lyrics and constant, prolonged ooohs and ahhhs throughout the songs, all add to the sinister, yet strangely soothing vibe of the atmosphere created. Slow, psychedelic moods are not all what Hyde & Beast are about, far from it. They do have the capability to produce catchy, upbeat and quick guitar licks, occasionally being reminiscent of a softer, less glam rock version of 70s band, T.Rex, crafting an element of intrigue into the diversity of the band.

Hyde & Beast are a hugely talented band, experimenting within the realms of a genre once very popular back in the 60s, attempting to give it a fresher outlook to an ever changing audience. In addition to their flair onstage, they record, produce and mix the music themselves, culminating in their debut album, ‘Slow Down’. With this gig coming at the end of their first UK headline tour, Hyde & Beast are beginning to cause rumblings within the confines of the British music scene (see quotes below). Their new single, ‘You Will Be Lonely’ will be released on November 14th through their very own label, Tail Feather Records.

“This album is sublimely tender... Forget assumptions - just listen to this record" 8/10 NME

"Their neatly crafted debut is rammed with mellow psych-pop gems that recall both Bolan and The Beatles" Time Out

A gentle psychedelic soup of jaunty time signatures and multi-layered harmonies… The beautiful bastard child of The Bees and The Beta Band” Clash


If You Could Buy Me Anything
Never Come Back
All Because of You
Trees Are Falling Down
You Will Be Lonely
Last Chance
Lord Send for Me
Go To Sleep
Pictures in the Sky
Train to Nowhere

Review by Nigel Cartner
Photo by Ian West